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Cirque Du someday

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Party time!

There was two story White house with windows covering the front. It was literally one of the prettiest houses I had ever seen in my entire life! Getting out of the car Viola clicked her still clean car she walked up to the door and it opened without a touch. I turned to the left and saw an old man, “Oh hi! I’m Viola’s friend!” the old man walked away, “Zoe that was Charley not my father. It’s just me and my sister here. Well actually just me for right now!”. “Oh wow, he really is def! Where’s your sister?” “I don’t know, somewhere in East Asia... or was it Europe. I have no idea” walking out to the balcony it overlooked all of LA. “Wow! You can see Venice from here! That’s crazy!”.”Yeah, it’s still I sight I can’t get used to” so anyways let’s find out the food and drinks for tonight, Come in!” Three women came in with a book for different food and drinks. “Oh this looks good! Wild Smoked salmon on a Carrot infused cracker! We’ll get seven of those!” How do people live like this, everything they want at the tip of their finger? I agree with Viola. It’s definitely something that would be difficult to get used to.

An hour passed and we then found ourselves upstairs getting ready, I walked out of the bathroom In the dress that Viola had so graciously bought me. “Oh Zoe you look amazing, but that’s not for tonight. We are keeping things a little causal that’s for my 17th birthday party silly!”. “Well then what am I supposed to be wearing?” “It’s a Pyjama party silly!” Oh well... I didn’t really bring any Pyjamas...” “Oh well that’s alright, second drawer on the left, have your choice!” opening the drawer it turned into a closet. Silk, cotton, pink, red, blue, Viola had every single Type of pyjamas you could imagine! The Door bell rang, “Zoe, I’m going to go downstairs and let the girls in, make your way downstairs when you ready! Hmmm anything I want huh? I grabbed a silk pair of deep purple and black pyjamas. Slipping into them I made my way downstairs and there was 8 girls sitting talking. Viola cleared her through, making it clear that she wanted to announce something. “Everyone this is Zoe, please introduce yourself to her!” looking at all the girls one familiar face was clear in the crowd. “Sam!! I’m so excited to see you here! Actually one person I know! “Yes its super exciting, there’s so much in store for tonight. It’s going to be so much fun!”

“Okay girls. Since the Cops come out earlier and earlier every year, we may as well get this over with” Viola said. Leaning over to Sam “what are we doing?”, “oh well Viola throws one of these parties every year, and she chooses a victim and we go and toilet paper their house.” “Oh okay, well this should be interesting, I wonder who will be the poor victim of our terrible act?”All the girls made their way into two cars. Since the house we had to TP was a ways away. I got into the car in the front by Viola, “Hey VI who are we TPing?”, “oh well you know Cody?” “Yeah!” “Well he’s our victim this year.”


Something about TPing Cody’s house made me so excited. Not that I would be talking to him but just getting the chance to see him. Oh no! I can’t be doing this, Viola is practically in love with Cody, and if she ever found out I would be dead meat! After around 10 minutes of driving we reached the house. We all got a handful of toilet paper rolls and made our way outside. It was around midnight so he should be sleeping! We all were all dressed for the occasion ready for our super sleuth act of criminal work.

The girls who where all there got out of the truck and we started making our way up to Cody’s house, I could feel my heart in my throat. I was getting so nervous that he would catch us. The first to go was a girl named Susan. She had short spiked black hair and more piercings that she could count on one finger. She threw the roll of toilet paper in the air and it caught on the green pine tree in the front yard. All the girls joined in, all you could see is spiralling paper in the air and all over the front lawn. I instead had terrible aim so I decided I would rip pieces off and throw them in the bushes. If he catches us or anyone else sees us. We are dead. DEAD MEAT. All of a sudden the porch light flickered on. I was the girl closest to the house, knowing I wouldn’t make it back I ducked into a bush near the pine tree. All the girls scattered for the car down the block. They better not leave me. It was so quite it could hear my heart. Taking slow and steady breaths, making sure whoever is on the other side of the door couldn’t hear me. I could hear the door knob turning. Out walking from the door was Cody, dressed in a black workout pants and a white towel around his neck. “HEY! Who’s out there!? I’m going to call the cops!” Oh no, this is it. I’m going to jail. My life is o-v-e-r.” All of a sudden, the upbeat techno tune blasted from my phone. I didn’t know what to do. I knew he heard my phone. My life is over. I jumped up from out of the bushes in between his door and the pine tree. “HEY! I hear you. YOUR DEAD” Taking my first step for freedom and ran as fast as I could all of a sudden Viola’s truck swerved around the corner and the door flew open “get in, HURRY!” slamming the door on my way in I looked back and saw Cody’s face. I knew he saw me, he knew it was me. The truck was driving away and all I could see was Cody kicking the pile of crumpled up toilet paper on the ground.

We got back to Viola’s mansion and we all gathered into her living room. All the girls were laughing, I was the only one excluded from the pow-wow. Viola approached me “hey cheer up, Cody wont report you, I’ll pay him to keep his mouth shut if i have to”. “It’s not that Vivian. I just feel so terrible, he looked so... Sad?”. “Oh for goodness sake Zoe, grow up. He’s just a boy.”
When Viola said ‘just a boy’ it made me realise. He wasn’t just a boy for me. That’s why I felt so guilty. How Zoe, you’ve only met this boy once, now all of a sudden you’re in love. Why do you always do this to yourself! Viola is your friend. You cannot do that to her.
It was getting late, everyone had avocado face masks on and we were all sitting around in a circle asking each other question. Gazing off in though I heard my name, “So Zoe got the hots for anyone?” “Are you kidding me, I would have to answer a negative to that one.” A girl with bright red hair shouted across the circle “O common Zoe! We all saw the way you were staring at Cody!” I could feel my heart beet speed up! Vivian can’t know. She was staring at me with that face of rage but a face that wasn’t very readable. But I could translate it. She was getting angry i had to make a quick response; our friendship can end so soon! “Are you serious? I barley know the kid. He’s defiantly not my type anyways.” I looked over at Viola and she had a smirk on her face, I then returned the gesture. Vivian then went on “okay Zoe it’s your turn, ask one of us anything!” “Okay” it took me a while to think of an honest to god question. All the girls were waiting with anticipation; I could see it in their eyes. I panicked and said the first thing that came to mind, “Viola, are you a virgin?” all the girls gasped. Did i say something wrong? Oh I shouldn’t have been so straight forward my life is- the girls let out a giant laughter “Zoe, what kind of question is that? Obviously not. Did you not see me sneak into Cody’s house? Why did you think he took so long to go to the door?” I let out a sarcastic laugh “oh ahaha I knew that, excuse me please” getting up I went as fast as I could upstairs into Viola’s room, and grabbed my torso. The disappointment and the rage. I didn’t know how to handle it all. I dropped to my knees trying so hard not to cry, the girls would have been able to tell something was up.
I was laying on the ground in the washroom thinking,
I don’t understand how someone could do something like that so carelessly, I’ve only been in one serious relationship and it hadn’t even gone that far. But I don’t understand why I’m getting so emotional about this! I barley know the kid and I’m already sobbing like a freak. I guess this whole experience has been overwhelming and this was just the time to let it all out.

I heard some of the girls cheering downstairs, deciding to finally get up and make my way down stairs. I looked in the mirror. Oh my goodness. Look at my face, no makeup, and frizzy hair. This is it, my cover is blown. And once again, thinking about how my life is over. Making my way down stairs I saw Viola looking at me. “Oh my god, it looks like you got run over a train! Are you okay? You didn’t stink my washroom up did you, I do not want to deal with those sanitary people again, they just do not understand!”. “Yeah I’m fine. I just... Uh... have a really bad migraine, have any aspirin I can take?”. “Yeah for sure in the kitchen!”

The journey from room to room would be an uncomfortable journey; I really hope she doesn’t bring up Cody. “So Zoe, I just want to reassure, you don’t have any feelings for Cody right? I just saw your face when I brought him up”. Panicking I scrambled for something to say. “You know how you were saying how it stank? Well that ginger who was sitting beside me let one rip! It was so repulsive! And Cody? Are you serious, I really have no feelings, or any want to even get to know him! So please don’t worry”. “OH MY GOODNESS, what a b****. I defiantly made it clear about the rules in this house. All the gases you bring in. Stay in until you leave out the front door! Oh she’s going to get it that’s for sure.” Oh what have I done?

Thankfully Viola got distracted by the juice spilt on her white as snow carpet and forgot to mention anything about my little fib. All the girls went on and brushed their teeth, washed the face masks off the cemented faces and got into bed. Even though it was ten, I was really happy to see that the night was practically over. The pressure was over. I closed my eyes and before I knew it I was in a deep sleep, all though the ground didn’t compare to my bed at Aunt Rhonda’s house it was a lot better than nothing.

My sleep was abruptly disrupted by the sound of a... Air horn!? By the time I opened my eyes there standing around the room was 12 boys. And one of them was Cody, I covered my sleepy pale, and makeup-less face under the blankets and looked at my phone for the time, 1am!? Are you serious, WHY ARE THEY HERE?! How did they get in? All of a sudden I heard Vivian’s voice, “glad you boys decided to join the party!” a familiar deep voice started talking, “well I got to thank you guys somehow for the beautiful re-decoration on my front yard some way!” Oh my gosh, It’s Cody! He saw. Me! He knows I’m here! I got up with the blanket on top of my head, I had to get upstairs and put something on my face and something appropriate on top. As I was running up I heard someone say “I got the booze.”

Booze, as in alcohol. Illegal substances that make girls turn into sluts, and sluts into bionic women of all sluts. I can’t deal with it. What am I going to do, what am I going to say if someone tries to get me to drink something? They are all going to make fun of me, but I know I’m not ready for this kind of pressure; it’s just way too much. I just hope to God that I don’t turn into one of those girls whose lives are ruined because of stupid mistakes. I’m a performer, not an alcoholic.


Walking down the stairs, I was so nervous, the music was on and people where dancing, there were a few girls with beer bottles in their hand, and others with Vodka bottles in their hand. I didn’t know what to expect, hoping all the alcohol was gone. Viola came up to me, “now isn’t this a party!?” “Yeah sure is” I said in a sarcastic voice. But Viola didn’t quite pick up on the sarcasm. “Oh my! Here you want some beer?’ this was it this is what I had been avoiding, then I saw Cody walking by me with a beer in his hand and a big grin directed to me, “yeah for sure!” why oh why, Zoe, what are you doing to yourself, trying to impress a boy. Viola brought over the beer and placed it in my hand. “Here you go! Bottoms up!” I perched my lips against it so none of the alcohol could enter my mouth. Wiping the Beer of my lips and walking outside. I sat down on the chair and put the beer on the table. That was close, but I’m glad I at least made it look like I was fitting in. I guess I just didn’t want to be pressured so instead I just pretended to go with the crowd and wasn’t bugged. All of a sudden walking through the door and sitting down next to me was Cody.
“Hey little miss not-so sneaky, you owe me big time for that mess”. “I’m so sorry; I honestly didn’t want anything to do with it!” Cody replied in a apologetic tone, “Nah don’t worry about it, they do the same prank every year on my house, I just don’t think Viola gets it through her mind that it doesn’t bug me that much” I was so upset, How could he be saying this when only hours ago they were playing tonsil hockey and probably many other things I don’t want to hear about. I had to say something, “Says the guy who was sleeping with her during the master plan...”. “Me? Sleeping with Viola?” Cody let out a laugh. “Every time Viola even tries to get near my house I go into hiding, that girl is insane!” “Wait... So you didn’t sleep with her??”. “Zoe of course I didn’t, and out of all innocent people you asking me this, really?” I was angered at the thought of him thinking I’m innocent, well I am but it almost feels like he is referring to me as a little girl. “Excuse me Mr. know it all, why are you accusing me of being this ‘innocent little girl’?” Cody snapped quickly to answer the question, “No I don’t mean you as a little girl at all, But I did see you dump that beer out. I think it’s really cool that you have that kind of self control and loyalty to yourself, there aren’t many like you. You’re a one of a kind Zoe” Cody said with a smirk on his face. Shivers crept up my spine, that sweet smile. NO ZOE, you cannot do this. Just get up and walk away. Ohhh that smile. “I’m a pre” I stopped. I don’t want anyone knowing about my past, “I’m a pretty anti social person aren’t I, sitting out here by myself?” “Well Zoe, let me introduce you to the gang.” When we both got up, our faces were barley apart, he was about to lean in and kiss me, but I then nervously walked away talking like I didn’t notice.

The night... or should I say, the morning went by very fast. Cody introduced me to a lot of new people; I am really starting to like this place. Most of the girls who were originally at Viola’s party were sleeping on the ground in her room. And then the others were either passed out on the ground, or passed out in one of the several spare bedrooms with an accomplice of the opposite sex. I was laying on my back thinking to myself while the others were in a deep sleep.

Wow, what a night! I cannot believe how this week has been going. I actually feel like I’m apart of something, like I actually belong. But what was with Viola telling us that she slept with Cody, did she feel threatened or was she just scared of not being accepted. Of course I wanted to mention something to her, but I don’t want any conflicts at the moment, not a week into school. That’s alright, isn’t it?
I heard someone coming in the door, I looked over the railing. It was the chef, with a box of Advil and some sort of vegetable juice blender. He plugged it in and it made a loud sound. Eventually everyone was awake and ready to get their sardine egg broccoli and rutabaga juice, AKA the ultimate hangover remedy. Everyone made their way to the chef with a glass. I was panicking, If I don’t drink this then they must know something is be up, I have to just act hangover and deal with it; it can’t taste that bad. I was the next one up; the chef took my glass and filed It up with the clumpy dark red juice. Viola came up to me, “this stuff in genius it’s a definite life saver, take a sip... go on” I took a sip. Something was coming up. I ran as fast as I could to the washroom and let’s just say that the sardine surprise didn’t taste any better the second time. I made my walk of shame back into the front room Viola obnoxiously made an open remark “whoa you must have had it bad last night, that’s a first. Can’t wait to see what you’ll be like then” oh my, another party I have to doge, this shall be interesting.

My aunt picked me up and didn’t say a word. I didn’t want to try and start a conversation with her just because I didn’t want to spark anything, it was awkward. The silence, something I haven’t heard in a while. I thought I would catch up on my sleep so I closed my eyes and started to dream. It felt like only minutes before my aunt pulled the car into the front lot as we arrived back at her house. I walked into the front room, something about the environment of the house felt very gloomy. My mom wasn’t anywhere to be found. My aunt had made her way up into her bedroom and my uncle was sitting on the sofa reading the news paper. The phone started to ring, “Zoe darling would you mind answering that for me?”, “Yeah for sure!” I felt kind of awkward answering the phone, “Hey Zoe its Cody, do you want to give me a chance at teaching you how to surf?”, “Cody I would really love to but something is going on at home and I think I need to get to the bottom of it, maybe next time okay?”, I could hear the disappointment in his voice “Yeah that’s alright, Next time!”
I hung the phone up, “it’s okay, the phone was for me” I said as I was running up the stairs to my bedroom, I walked into my room and headed right for the balcony, I wanted to sit out and feel the ocean breeze on my face; and just relax after that excitement filled night. Sitting on the chair with my eyes closed. I heard voices coming from the level below me, I tried to make out what the two mystery people where but I could hear them over the crashing waves only meters away from us. I poked my head out very cautiously and made sure they couldn’t see me. Seeing who it was it felt as if a great force of anger and sadness pushed my towards my bed, I just wanted to scream. Inside me I was, WHY OH WHY. It’s not fair, why questioning how my mom could do this, how could she see that terrible person who abandoned us. It was my dad.
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