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Sooner or later

Author's note: I actually wrote this a year ago and found it on my computer. I am not sure if i still like it so...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I actually wrote this a year ago and found it on my computer. I am not sure if i still like it so i wanted peoples opinion. It's definitely not my best work but i figured peoples criticism can help enable me to write a better story.  « Hide author's note
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Goodbye to You

As Trina slammed the door of the Ford pickup she looked at the house in amazement. It was an old plantation house. It was such a change from the old ranch they lived in when they were in California. It was painted white with green shutters and looked like it came out of a story book. During the years the previous owners added on things such as a pool room and outdoor pool and another section. The inside was absolutely stunning with a grand staircase you would see in a hotel ballroom. Trina felt out of place in her worn jeans, cowboy boots and a plaid shirt. She went back to the car to haul out her bags. As she walked up the stairs she was in even more awe. There were 6 bedrooms and they all had a bathroom. She walked to the one her father told her she could have. It was a stunning room. The large window overlooked the horse stables and it had a balcony. She walked in the bathroom to see that it had a Jacuzzi tub and it was huge. She never felt as though her family was rich because in all reality they weren’t they just got lucky when her father’s work bought the property and asked them to move out to it.
Trina was even more excited when her father handed her a credit card the company gave to her. Trina was a girl everyone gave a double take. She had black hair and green eyes but she was absolutely stunning with a model’s body. She never dressed right for her body type because she was always with horses. She was only 15 so she couldn’t drive into the city herself. She immediately asked her mom to take her out to the mall a mile away. The whole mile she sat in awe as she saw what a city looked like. They lived about 100 miles from a city before so they never drove into it. Trina never had many friends because her life revolved around horses. She didn’t even go to public school because people made fun of her. When they pulled into the mall she was shocked at the different clothes. People had on skinny jeans and Uggs. She couldn’t imagine working the farm in those but she wanted to look good for school. She was in awe when she walked by all the stores like Juicy Couture and Hollister. She finally walked into Nordstrom. She went right to the shoes and picked out the cutest pair of Uggs. She walked to Saks and bought all the clothes she could possibly want. She knew she would look like she fit in for once. As she walked out she saw them. They were the girls everyone wanted or wanted to be. She immediately saw them and knew she’d never really fit in she would just look like she did.
On the drive home she sat thinking. She never would understand people and how they worked.
“Mom, I don’t wanna go to school”
“Trin, you need to do this. You’ll do fine”
She looked out the window at the passing buildings and tried to believe she’d be fine. In all honesty she really didn’t believe she would be.
The rest of the summer was uneventful because she knew no one. The morning she started school she was up and dressed early. She dressed in her favorite plaid shirt, skinny jeans and Uggs. She looked like she belonged in a city. The drive to the school took only 10 minutes and it was huge. The company paid for private school because of the inconvenient move. It was a gorgeous school with tennis courts and huge fields. As Trina stepped out of the car she was swallowed up by a group of people passing by. She quickly waved to her mom and walked to the ivy covered building. When she arrived at the office she noticed a boy about her age standing by the copier. He wasn’t like the boys from California. He had long hair that was a beautiful brown, and had a gorgeous face. The thing that made him even more interesting was the scar up his arm. As he looked up he caught Trina staring. He walked over and smiled. “Hi, I’m Tyler Johnson. Are you the new student?” It caught Trina by surprise that she was the only new student. “Yup, I’m Trina St. George.” He smiled and shook her hand. “Where are you from?” It took a minute for her to think. “I used to live by Napa, California. My family owned a ranch.” All of the sudden the bell for homeroom rang and Tyler waved and left the office. The secretary called Trina over to get her situated. The name tag said Mrs.Gayford. “Hi, Mrs.Gayford I’m Trina St. George.”
“Here’s your schedule. Your homeroom is 250D.” Trina followed the map around the sprawling campus and found her homeroom. When she stepped in students sat in awe. The homeroom teacher looked up and asked her name. “I’m Trina St. George” The teacher immediately pointed to a seat next to Tyler and one of the girls from the mall. The girl looked up and smiled. “Hi, I’m Jessie Smith. I absolutely love your outfit.” Trina couldn’t help but smile. “I’m Trina St. George. Thank you” she turned to Tyler “Hey again.” He looked away with a frown on his face. “Trina, don’t associate with him. He’s a horrible kid. He got suspended last year.” She grimaced. The bell rang and she stood up. “Trina, wait! Can you meet me at the café for lunch?” Tyler said it so happily so she couldn’t reject him. “Yeah, sure.” Then she was off to gym.
When she arrived at lunch she immediately spotted Tyler. She walked over smiling. “Hey, what’s up?”
“Nothing I wanted to warn you about some thing’s in this school.” Trina immediately saw what he was eyeing. It was Jessie. “Wait, are you saying to be careful of Jessie because she seems like the nicest person I’ve ever met.” Jessie started toward them but Tyler quickly told Trina that she needed to be careful. ”Trina! I want you to meet Kasey, and Michelle.” Trina got up and gave Tyler a half wave. Michelle and Kasey sat at a table filled with jocks. They were gorgeous and so were the jocks. Immediately a football player with dirty blonde hair stood up and offered Trina his seat. “Thank you I’m sorry I don’t know your name.” He smiled “My name is Joseph.” Trina smiled and looked into his blue eyes. “I’m Trina St. George.” She knew this was where she belonged.
That night she was ready for a night out with Jessie, Michelle, and Kasey. They were going to a party at Joe’s house. When Michelle’s blue BMW convertible pulled up Trina said goodnight to her parents and left. Michelle screamed “HEY SEXY!” This caused Trina’s mother to go outside. “Trin, can you please come in here.” Trina sighed and stomped in the house. “Honey, you better not drink tonight. Are you sure Michelle’s parents are okay with you spending the night?” “Yeah mom I am and I won’t drink.” “Also no sex!”
The party was already in full swing when they arrived. Joe walked up to Trina and engulfed her in a hug. She hugged back. She was being eyed by every girl in the house. Joe took her hand and brought her to the beer pong game going on. “Let’s play”
“Um, I can’t drink because…….. Never mind. Let’s do this.” Trina felt guilty disobeying her mom but she needed to fit in. Every time she was up she missed. By the end of the game she was trashed. Michelle walked up behind her and dragged her over to the couch towards an adorable guy. The guy was Tyler. When Michelle plopped Trina down next to him he stood up and went out the door. “Wow, good thing you’re over my house for the night. Tyler seems pretty pissed at you. He went to juvie last year though, so seriously don’t get to close to him.” Trina realized that she was told for the second time Tyler got in trouble. “Why’d he go to jail?” Michelle looked up at Trina and said one word “Drugs.” Trina passed out after that word.
When Trina woke up she was at Michelle’s house. Michelle lived about 1 mile from Trina in a gorgeous new house. It wasn’t as big as Trina's but it was just as gorgeous. Trina was on the canopy bed in the guest room with Jessie next to her. She had a pounding headache and noticed the Aspirin next to her. She smiled at how thoughtful Michelle was. She got dressed into the gorgeous blue halter top her grandma bought her before they moved. Then she pulled up a pair of ripped skinny jeans. As she walked out of the room she saw someone who she knew wouldn’t be at Michelle’s house by choice. She slowly walked down the hallway towards Tyler. “Tyler, you’re Michelle’s brother?” He sighed “No, I’m her step-brother. Come here I wanna show you something.” Trina excitedly followed him out the balcony door. She looked at the view and she was astonished by the beauty. “It’s beautiful. It makes me feel like nothing is wrong with the world even though there’s a lot wrong with it.” Tyler smiled and looked down at her. “I come out here all the time to think. Ever since juvie I spend most of my time alone because everyone’s too afraid to get close to me. I’m happy you aren’t.” Trina looked at Tyler’s arm and traced the scar. “How’d you get this scar?”
“My mom was driving Michelle and I to lacrosse practice and when I climbed out Michelle said something to aggravate me and put my fist through a window.” Trina was shocked. She stood on her toes and kissed him on the cheek. “I think we should be friends. We’ll have to keep this secret from Michelle though.” Tyler frowned “That’d be a great idea but you can’t be friends with Joe and me. We have some issues.” Trina left Tyler on the balcony and didn’t say another word to him.
Michelle was already downstairs when Trina got down there. “Were you just talking to Tyler?” Trina knew what was coming “Yeah, he’s kind of a freak. I feel bad you have to live with him.” At that second Trina heard a door slam and she knew he heard. She wanted him to hear because she offered her friendship and he denied it. “Let’s go get in the car. Everyone else has a ride from their boyfriends.”
School was starting and Trina was not excited to go. During gym Tyler wouldn’t even look her. She talked to Joe the whole time. She was thrilled by this. “Trina, wanna go out on a date with me tonight?” Joe asked. “Oh my gosh! Yes!” Trina was thrilled by this because if Joe and she were a couple then she was going to fit in perfectly.
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