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Music Lover

Author's note: My music is my refuge, and my headphones are my protection from hearing things that I don't want...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: My music is my refuge, and my headphones are my protection from hearing things that I don't want to hear. But there is a difference between escaping for a time, and locking yourself inside your own head.  « Hide author's note
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a friendly voice

He doesn’t sleep at all and soon sunlight is infiltrating his room through the cracks in his window shades. It’s 6:30 in the morning and he has to go to school. He goes to the bathroom and tries to wash the sleepiness out of his face with cold water. He stands there leaning over his sink for a moment, staring at the mirror. His reflected face is sharp and angular. Unlike his mother’s olive colored eyes, his are a pale gray. While his mother’s hair is wavy and auburn, his hair is straight, thick and choppy. He gives his reflection one more glare, before he leaves.
It’s a wonder that he manages to stay awake at all during morning classes. He barely understands anything the teachers say, but he doesn’t worry too much. He can read the textbooks to catch up later. The moment it’s time for lunch break, he goes straight outside to the gazebo. He throws his bag down, and uses it as a pillow. His headphones hang freely at his neck.
It feels like he’s only just closed his eyes when he is shaken awake again.
“Hey, wake up, you’re missing class.”
Asher recognizes that voice. He opens his eyes and sees the boy from yesterday, David. He groans, and throws an arm over his face.
“The teacher wanted someone to go get you,” David says.
“You’ve got some crappy luck then,” Asher mutters.
“He didn’t pick me, I volunteered,” David corrects him.
“Okay, fine, you’ve got some defective brain cells, then.”
David pauses. Even though Asher can’t see him, he’s pretty sure that he’s bristling.
“You’re like this all the time then?” David asks finally; incredulity in his voice. Asher gives him a halfhearted shrug. David responds with a frustrated noise.
Asher is almost certain that he’s finally won, that David is going to leave him alone. He is proven wrong when he feels the bench he is laying on creak as David sits down right beside his head. Asher sits up and turns to face the relentless boy.
“Would you just go back to class?”
“No,” David shoots back. “I’m going to stick with you and bother you until you go back. You can’t just skip out in the middle of the day because you-,” he trails off. Suddenly he is looking at Asher with an odd expression.
“You look terrible,” David says. “Are you not feeling well?” Asher gazes at him blandly.
“Yeah, I’m tired.” To make his point, he flops back down on the bench, burying his head into his makeshift pillow again.
“Well, you look dead on your feet,” David informs him. Asher snorts.
“I’m lying down, idiot.”
“It’s a figure of speech.”
“Well it’s a figure of speech that only works when the person is standing up.”
“You seem to have more energy now,” David observes. “How about going back to class?” Asher scowls, and pulls his headphones on. “Ah, there he goes again,” David says to the cloud scattered sky. “Just because he’s losing the argument, he runs away.”
“I am not losing the argument, and I am not running away,” Asher interjects. “I’m sitting right here, ignoring you, because you’re annoying.”
“You can still hear me?” David asks, shocked. Asher sighs. He holds up his MP3 player, which hasn’t been switched on yet.
“Not anymore,” he says, as he presses the ‘on’ button. Blue Apples’ second single, December Moon starts play. He exhales as poetic words drift into his mind on the streams of piano and acoustic guitar. He doesn’t even look up at David; he just pulls out his English notebook and starts planning out their next assignment. He’s gotten through about half of it when he sees a hand, holding a pen, creep onto the page opposite the one he’s writing on.
That song is awesome.
It’s written with scribbled letters, and a smiley face is tagged on at the end. Asher gives it a long look. He pulls his headphones down; looking up into David’s amused eyes.
“You can hear it?” Asher asks him.
“Yeah, I can actually make out the lyrics. You’re going to go deaf one day,” David tells him. Asher doesn’t say anything to that. He takes the headphones off and places them right in front of David.
“You know this group too then?” he asks, as he turns up the volume and plays another one. It’s his favorite symphonic epic metal band, Phantasmagoria. David’s face lights up.
“I love these guys,” he exclaims.
They keep talking, tossing band names back and forth. Asher is surprised to learn that David’s musical taste is just as eclectic as his own. He thinks that he’ll have to lose his breath eventually; he’s been talking so much. Before long, Asher pauses, cocking his head to one side.
The bell is ringing.
“Oh damn, I completely forgot,” David says. Asher shrugs. He gets up packs his things into his bag.
“It’s no big deal, the chapter we were covering today isn’t that complicated,” he says. He hoists his backpack onto his shoulder.
“So, I’ll talk to you again tomorrow?” David asks.
“Yeah, maybe.”
“Maybe if you don’t skip Math again, we could actually partner up during class,” he suggests. “Since we’ve been sitting next to each other since the school year started.” Asher almost feels embarrassed.
“Sure,” he says.
Asher’s journey home takes longer than usual; he keeps getting distracted thinking about the first person he’s talked with for more than five minutes in over a month. Still, he manages to elude his mother’s sight as he creeps up the stairs to his bedroom. He falls asleep the instant he gets into bed. If his mother has another episode in the middle of the night, he sleeps through it.
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Ianultraman said...
Jul. 28, 2015 at 11:39 am
_Beautiful story!_
DreamAngel said...
Feb. 4, 2013 at 7:03 pm
I loved this so much. Please keep working on it.
AisuP said...
Dec. 2, 2012 at 2:48 pm
Please continue! 
KimenSnow said...
Aug. 4, 2011 at 3:56 pm
I like it.
Jensam This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. replied...
Aug. 17, 2011 at 7:25 pm
Thank you so much for your compliment.  It really means a lot.  (^_^)

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