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Red Popsicle Summers

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Max's New Friend

Max’s POV

My first and second day went well and so did Hannah’s. I don’t really get to see her much but it’s ok. She seems to be getting more distant though. She even gave me the cold shoulder today and I don’t know why. I tried asking her but she just ignored me more.

It all started like a fine day. I woke up happy and ready to go. Got myself all ready, I actually tried today though. Put on a new pair of jeans and a t-shirt and brushed my hair. Ok this is new. I used to never brush my hair. I know it’s gross but neither Hannah nor I really cared what we looked like before. All of a sudden that seems to be very important to her.
Now she’s is getting a whole outfit put together for different days. When she wears a green top and jean skirt she has matching green shoes! What’s up with that? She never used to care but all of a sudden she does. She’s turning into all the preppy girls I know and that is not necessarily a good thing.
I got to school a little early, so I just hung out at my locker. Hannah asked me to meet her at hers but I figured I had some time and so I stayed at mine. While I was hanging out a girl came up to the locker beside mine and started getting her books out of it. I hadn’t ever seen her around here so I started a conversation that turned into a long one and I found I really liked her.
“Hey, I’m guessing this is your locker?” I asked while pointing at the one she was opening.
“Yeah, how did you guess?” She replied smartly.
“Oh I’m just super intelligent.” I smiled at her, she was really pretty. “The name’s Max Haginsin. What’s yours?”
“Alicia Herring. How come I didn’t see you around here yesterday?”
“Maybe you weren’t looking?”
“I think I would have noticed a cutie like you now wouldn’t I!”
She was funny and cute! Score for the Max man!
“Well my good looks are hard to miss!” I said with a grin.
The conversation went on for a while and then the bell rang. We parted and I said I would call her sometime. She said she was looking forward to it. You get the picture. But I completely forgot about Hannah.
It made me feel bad and I’m sure now that that is why she was giving me the cold shoulder! Ok now I feel bad. I must call her tonight to apologize.
Right before I left I checked my schedule to make sure I knew where I was going.

Schedule for Max Haginsin
Grade: 9
Homeroom: Mrs. Hoyle
Per 1: Biology Mr. Hardwright
Per 2: Geometry Ms. Laughlin
Per 3: Spanish 2 Ms. Polito
Per 4: Ceramics Ms. Walters
Per 5: English Mr. Peterson
Per 6: Water Polo Coach Sumner

“Hey man!” Eric said coming up to me at my locker. It was the end of the day and I was putting away my books. I had just said goodbye to Alicia when he came up. “Who was that hawt girt you were talking to, huh?”
“Oh that’s Alicia.”
“Bro, you should so ask her out!”
“Oh I dunno.”
“Come on it will help you get over your little crush!”
“Shh! Man! Not around here, too many people could be listening!”
“Whoa, sorry bro! Can we go now?” He said throwing his skateboard down and jumping on.
“Hey! No skateboards on campus!” Some fat security guard called out.
We both cracked up and Eric picked up his banned skateboard and we walked out to the sidewalk. He jumped right back on once we were officially “off” campus.
“So why was Hannah givin’ you the total cold shoulder at lunch today?”
“I dunno man. I was going to ask what you thought.”
“Did you piss her off some how?”
“I don’t think I did. Oh well her problem, I don’t care.”
But the truth was I did care. I cared a lot. I wanted to know so bad what I had done wrong. So immediately when I got home I called her up.
The phone rang and rang, is she ever going to pick up? I thought. She must be really mad. But it wasn’t that big of a deal. I tried calling again and again and she finally picked up on the third try.
“Hey, Hannah?”
“Yeah, why do you keep calling me?”
“Do I need a reason to call my best friend? And anyways I do have a reason, I wanted to apologize for not coming to meet you at your locker this morning.”
“Where were you then?” She replied sharply, her voice piercing through the phone.
Woah, okay. I was not expecting to get attached like that. I still didn't understand, I said I was apologizing. She hadn't really let me say my apology yet but at least I took the time to call her up and try to. Can she not at least appreciate that?
“I was at my locker.”
“Doing what?” Again she attacked me with her reply.
“Talking to a friend of mine. And what's with the 20 Questions Han?”
“Male or female?” She asked ignoring my question completely.
“Female…Seriously, Why all the questions Hannah? It’s not like I did anything wrong. I just forgot. And I’m sorry okay?”
“No it’s not okay! Why were you talking to her?”
“Am I not allowed to talk to people? Hannah, what’s wrong? All I did was talk to a girl and you're jumping on me?”
I was starting to get angry now. She had no right to attack me like this. She could be angry but this was far beyond just simply angry. She was acting all weird and.... jealous! That's it. I would never take Hannah for the jealous one. But I guess you'd be surprised at what only two days of high school can bring out in people.
“You forgot about your friend for some girl, that’s the problem.”
I still couldn't understand the fact that Hannah, sweet innocent Hannah, was jealous of me! It was such a novel idea!
“There is nothing wrong with talking to another girl Hannah. Are you jealous?” I teased.
“No why would I be jealous? I’m going to the movies on Saturday.”
I guess she didn't hear my teasing tone cause she continued with her attacking one. My attempt at lightening the mood was owned. I was left not knowing what to do. This was a whole new side to her; a side I didn't know how to react to.
“What does that have to do with anything?”
“With a guy.”
I almost dropped the phone but caught it at the last second, Hannah going out with another guy? This is so new. I’m not jealous, I will pick up the phone and act like it doesn’t affect me. I will act as if it doesn't make my heart ache. I will act as if it doesn't make me want to punch this guy in the gut for asking out my Hannah. I can do it, I can be a man.
“Since when are either of us going on dates?!” I asked.
Ok that wasn’t what I meant to say, great.
“Since he asked me to. We have no rules whether we can’t date people Max! Who do you think you are?!” She screamed into the phone. I could feel the power behind her voice. It was not good. All of a sudden it made me really angry and I didn't want to talk to her anymore. How could she not get it? Had we really not been as close as I thought we were? I had thought she understood but maybe I had gotten it wrong all along. Crap.
“Your best friend.”
I quickly pressed end and sat back, letting my phone drop from my hands. I can’t believe she’s dating. I just can’t believe it. I knew it would happen some time but not this soon. And definitely not like this.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 25 Next »

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wordlover27 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Sept. 3, 2011 at 11:37 am
This is the first time I read a whole book on Teen Ink! I was hooked on your story and just HAD to finish it! Just wondering though, why is it called "Red Popsicle Summers"?
cdmswimmer9 replied...
Sept. 3, 2011 at 11:40 am

The title is tentative right now. It refers to the memory of Max's sitting out on the tree with Hannah, eating red popsicles. I'm really bad at titling my work. :/

Just wondering, would you pick up the book in the store

ThespianChickAnnie said...
Dec. 21, 2010 at 7:28 pm

Oh MAN, this is good! Like, seriously. Amazing. :)

I agree with remembermyname, you should TOTALLY write a sequel. :)

cdmswimmer9 replied...
Jan. 14, 2011 at 9:34 pm
Thank you :)
remembermyname said...
Dec. 18, 2010 at 11:19 pm

Okay, first thing first, I freaking love this! It was not what I was expecting. AND that's a good thing. I was expecting the whole typical love story cliche. I loved.

Secondly, I was really hoping for Max and Hannah to fall in love, but when they didn't I was like, "Wow! That turned out pretty good anyway!" =)

Thirdly, MAKE A SUEQUEL OR SOMETHING! I was yearning for more when I  new I was almost done with the 25th chapter. I hate when the story ends at a re... (more »)

cdmswimmer9 replied...
Dec. 21, 2010 at 11:11 am
Thank you so much! I will definitely look at your work. I wrote this a couple years ago and it was m first, so it makes me very happy to hear such great things about it. :)
remembermyname replied...
Dec. 21, 2010 at 4:09 pm
NO problem!  Do you think you will make a sequel? It is going to be fantistic!
cdmswimmer9 replied...
Dec. 21, 2010 at 10:04 pm
I have already started one. But I only did a few chapters before I stopped. This was about a year ago, I haven't really looked at it since.

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