Lending Lincoln: A Screenplay

August 8, 2016
By anonymous06 PLATINUM, Northbridge, Massachusetts
anonymous06 PLATINUM, Northbridge, Massachusetts
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Penelope Kennedy never really had an easy life. With her father being in the military and her mother working 24/7 to support them, she was often found alone (or independent, as she calls it). But, now in her twenties, that 'independent' sense has only increased. To make matters worse, she bounces back and forth between jobs and still cannot make ends meet. So, she holds Lincoln, her old golden retriever close, and waits for the inevitable to happen.


But, someone's been watching her. Marcus Likost, a kid she'd been stuck with since grade school. And he might just be able to turn her life around, but with some consequences of course...


Lending Lincoln: A Screenplay

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