The Guardians Of Senrenio

June 26, 2016
By YoruNoUmare SILVER, interlachen, Florida
YoruNoUmare SILVER, Interlachen, Florida
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The story is about a curse lain across 6 dragons long ago. As Lilac, the main character, moves into a town that is, unbeknownst to her, full of shape-shifting dragons and dragonets. A particular group catches her eye: Nico, Skri, Sarah, Terra, and Collin. And she catches their eye too.


Soon it is found out that they are part of this dreadful curse and must fight it to save the world. If they don't, each and every one of them will destory it. But Lilac is afraid, can she own up to whats in her blood?


As the story unfolds, each of the 6 will face terrible trials, and toward the end, Lilac will face the death of a two of the 5, have two turn on her, and have one walk away from her.


Is Lilac strong enough to face such a dark curse?


Note: The chapter's POVs change. They shift from 5 characters.

Selena F.

The Guardians Of Senrenio

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