Unit Comet: Bond of Sisterhood

May 5, 2016
By Wesley1, San Diego, California
Wesley1, San Diego, California
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After leading her unit to victory, things seem to be going increasingly uphill for First Lieutenant Jessica Allison. Jessica has received a promotion to Lieutenant Colonel, an old comrade of hers from boot camp has joined Unit Comet among several new recruits, one of her soldiers is engaged, and Jessica finds something she never expected to find in the army...love.

However, the shadows of war are not far away. The Taliban are on a mission to reclaim a small Afghan town that was previously a stronghold of theirs. And they will use any and all measures to take it back from Unit Comet and their allies. Soon Jessica and Unit Comet find themselves back on the battlefield, fighting desperately for the town, for their country, and for each other. And when Jessica’s new love interest, Sergeant John Mitchell, is captured by the enemy, Jessica must make the riskiest decisions she’s ever made in battle. And what of her own unit; can they make it through this bigger threat and stay in one piece?

Wesley C.

Unit Comet: Bond of Sisterhood

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