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The Hacker

December 16, 2015
By prisha, Cupertino, California
prisha, Cupertino, California
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Not many people were willing to give a seventeen year old boy a job. Teenage boys are usually associated with crime, stealing, and drugs. Although Tomas would never do any of those things, it was difficult to tell with his delinquent-type muscular build. The only reason he had obtained the janitor and gardener job was because Mr. Hamington, the owner of this elaborate mansion, was very good friends with Tomas’s parents before they passed away in an unfortunate fire when Tomas was twelve. But Mr. Hamington still didn’t trust him. But the worst part of having this job was his eighteen year old kid, Jack Hamington. They had gone to the same elementary school, and Jack teased Tomas every day back then. This was ironic, because Tomas wasn’t small or weak, but Jack liked teasing him, and he always got what he wanted.

Jack said, “I am not letting you go. You know what? I’m gonna give you two options. Either give all the money back, or go straight to jail. Think about it all night. I’ll come and ask you in the morning. Meanwhile, I’ll take that.” Jack snatched the money out of Tomas’s hands, and stomped away.

Prisha K.

The Hacker

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