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Green Book

November 18, 2015
By UhBree, Highland, Indiana
UhBree, Highland, Indiana
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Mayson was just another one of those art kids in highschool, not very popular and she didn't really care that she wasn't. Mayson is a senior in highschool, and her two best friends Reese and Jude, are juniors. The had become close friends over the years and they spent most of their time together. One day after school, on a bright autumn day, Mayson decides to take a detour home to the local library. She makes a beeline for the back row of shelves. Where she stumbles upon a blank green book, the second she pulls the casual looking green book off the shelf, a flickering light above her head shatters, fearing the angry librarian, Mayson did what anyone would do, run.
Shortly after that, Mayson met up with the boys and quickly told them about what had just happened. It wasn't long after she had told them about what had went down, that they realized the book was empty! After laughing about how Mayson had stolen an empty book, they returned to Jude’s house where Mayson accidently left the book. The next morning, she shot Jude a message asking if he could bring the book to school, he agreed, but when he was running late, Mayson began to worry. When Jude finally showed up, he was obviously bruised. He explained how he had gotten into a fight with Jason Conner before he walked off, clearly not wanting to talk about it. Little did Mayson know, that was the last conversation she would have with Jude...and it wouldn't be long before she and Reese would speak for the last time as well.
Later that day, Mayson realized that the seemingly blank sketchbook was now filled with words! She watched as they were typed onto the page by an unseen magic. Curious, she began to read. It didn't take long before she realized that this book was about Jason, and that Jude was in grave danger! She quickly found Reese and explained what was happening. The ran off in search of Jude, but would they find him in time?


Green Book

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