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The Diner

August 13, 2013
By irishsista14 PLATINUM, Southborough, Massachusetts
irishsista14 PLATINUM, Southborough, Massachusetts
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The reader is thrown into a conversation between young couple, Rachel and Jack, as they go through a tough breakup. But is Rachel throwing away her chance at true happiness?
At the same time a young runaway boy enters the diner. Lonely and feeling rejected, Joanne tries to comfort the boy. What she doesn't know is that her love and affection that she bestows upon him will change his life forever.
Martha and Richard met each other at this very same diner sixty years before and it has been their tradition to come here every Sunday. The love they share for each other is powerful and unique, but when a sudden tragedy takes place, life for the diner is changed. Will love continue to bloom in the old diner?

Julia M.

The Diner

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