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The Missing Family Member

November 9, 2015
By Love_To_Write_0912, Los Gatos, California
Love_To_Write_0912, Los Gatos, California
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Reasons why Alec won't make Pie:
1) He doesn't have the ingredients
2) He doesn't know how
3) He is not your ________


“Did you see a man, or rather, a teenager outside our room?”
“No. Why?”
“Because Nicole here claims that she did.”
“I swear, I saw him. I’m not even kidding.” I protested.
“Yeah right. Go look outside. See if he is really there.” Catherine said.
I looked outside. Nope, he must have gone away.
“Well,” Hailey demanded.
“No, he’s not there anymore.” I reported.
“Told you, you’re going cuckoo.” Catherine summarized.
“No. She’s hallucinating.” Hailey argued.
“So, she’s hallucinating like a person going cuckoo.” Catherine decided.


The Missing Family Member

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