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January 16, 2015
By Anonymous


Calla is a beautiful, fairly normal single child who lives with both her parents in a gorgeous and seemingly perfect household.  However, she does eventually meet tragic diversity-- both of her parents perish in a freak accident and she is mysteriously sent to a "distant relative's" to live.  


This relative, Ms. Lucinda, and her daughters Dee and Shaye, are the epitome of the evil caretakers.  They force her to work like a slave, and treat her like a filthy mutt on the street.  Calla's only reprieve becomes her education and her school.


At school, Calla meets this wonderful but different boy, Lucas. Gorgeous and charismatic, yet mysterious and confusing, she is learning to find herself again through her adventures with Lucas and her maneuvers around her evil caretakers' antics.



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