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February 2, 2014
By marielly luna, Astoria, New York
marielly luna, Astoria, New York
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Mia is a girl who has no future ahead of her because she sells drugs for a living. She doesn't like the job but has no other choice than cooperating because her boss wont let her quit. The one person who dragged her into this mess was her ex boyfriend Wyatt. Later on a big party is thrown by some unknown person in the neighborhood and she meets Ayden. Its love at first sight until Ayden tells her his parents are cops and makes it complicated for their relationship. Wyatt knows they are together and his anger rises as he sees Mia, who he loves, with Ayden. Wyatt goes to extreme levels because he is so mad but Mia doesn't believe he loves her. Wyatt speaks to her and sends her messages daily to let her know he loves her very much, but she still doesn't believe it. Every time he speaks or texts her he says the words "You will regret it" if she ignores or doesn't believe him. Will Wyatt get in the middle Ayden and Mia's relationship until she regret its or will she ignore his words.

Marielly L.


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