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Ski Trip

February 1, 2014
By mangawriter BRONZE, highland heights, Ohio
mangawriter BRONZE, Highland Heights, Ohio
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Kayden is a 14 year old boy who lives a good life. His family is always there for him, along with his best friend and girlfriend, Savannah. Savannah is going on a ski trip over winter break, and she invites Kayden along. His mom won't let him though, he has to work at a day camp called Camp Snow. There, he meets a girl named Rebecca. She is pretty by his standards, but he still loves Savannah. Then he hears that the ski resort Savannah was staying at had an avalanche and there is a possibility that Savannah has died. Which girl will Kayden choose? The girl who is his other half, but might have died? Or the girl who he just met, but cares for him a lot?


Ski Trip

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