December 18, 2013
By saumyadeepa PLATINUM, kandy, Other
saumyadeepa PLATINUM, Kandy, Other
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Favorite Quote:
A mother's love is like the ocean it's pure and wide.
Life is like a painting one wrong move and it's hard to bring it back to normal.
(I created these quotes)


I walk through the forest wanting to find something. Something that would make me feel better.
Being alone with no one to comfort you is not a good feeling.
‘Huh? What’s that? It’s a horse isn’t it? Where’s it running? ‘I ask myself as I run after the horse
I pass many trees, bushes, lakes and finally stop in front of a cave that I have never seen there before.
I look around for the horse but it’s nowhere to be seen. People say that sometimes horses show you the path to take to fulfill your destiny. Maybe the horse I saw was such a horse.
“Where did this come from?” I ask touching the walls of the cave.
I take several steps into the cave and look back. Everything looks perfectly normal.
I walk further in, looking back every now and then.
I walk and walk and walk, but the cave seems to have no end. But just as I thought I should turn back, I see a light, I run towards the light thinking it’s a way out. But how can a cave have two openings? This must be a tunnel that leads somewhere.
As I run the light I see becomes brighter. I come to the opening of the cave.
Water is flowing down from the top of the opening making it hard to see what’s beyond the tunnel.
‘I’ll have to go through. Through the water. Yes, that’s what I should do.’ I say to myself and I take one step closer.

Ama Saumyadeepa D.


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