December 9, 2013
By KatMack, Urbandale, Iowa
KatMack, Urbandale, Iowa
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The death of her brother has left Maia Evans scarred by depression. When her therapist recommends a temporary getaway, Maia thought she was going to get a vacation she had no hope of enjoying—instead, her getaway is made permanent. Ten hours away from her old home, Maia moves into a house in Threadholm, Mississippi, forced to leave behind everything except the rain and her brother’s favorite beanie. But she finds that maybe getting away from her brother’s death isn’t so bad—a boy and a girl find their way into Maia’s life and seem to know just how to help her. But as Maia gets closer to the boy, his sister grows more and more distant. And the more Maia thinks she knows about the boy, the more his sister seems to want to reveal things. Maia soon begins to experience dreams, and the struggles of school on top of everything seems to weigh her down. Coping becomes tougher and tougher for Maia, and she may realize that the only thing she has to turn to is the rain.



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