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Unexpected Things: The Memoir of Me

April 21, 2013
By ctrej17 BRONZE, Ambler, Pennsylvania
ctrej17 BRONZE, Ambler, Pennsylvania
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In 2010, when I had just turned 11 years old, my parents broke the news to my brother, sister, and I that we were to move to England the next year. As anyone would be we were all very surprised and confused. Happy and sad at the same time. Do we want to? Do we not want to? Is this good or bad? We made lists at the dinner table; one side negative aspects of the move and the other positive. I was afraid to tell my friends so I only told my closest friends after school was over. House-hunting, furniture shopping, worrying, and goodbyes all added up to the big day that was arriving. Then it came.
Walking into a new house isn't as big a deal as some make it out to be. Sure, it's a new smell, a new sight, but nothing to fawn over, I guess. But the two years that I have taken from England have molded me in to the 14 year old girl I am today. I have learned to love, to care, to worry, and take life for what it is. I have met people I wouldn't have before and they, too, have helped me be who I am. This is eleven pages of me, and I hope you read on and learn who I am.

Caroline T.

Unexpected Things: The Memoir of Me

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