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The Long Road Ahead

Author's note: Me being in AP US History and having to writing a narrative in Creative Writing is what led me to...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: Me being in AP US History and having to writing a narrative in Creative Writing is what led me to writing this. Also, I've never written a story that is historically accurate... so enjoy!  « Hide author's note
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The Easy Part

The four of us quickly got ourselves together and went to apply for our land out West. Turned out that Angelica was right. A piece of land – exactly 640 acres – was left out in the Southeast area of the Dakota Territories. Since they didn't meet the full five years of living on the land to claim it, it was opened to be taken. We quickly applied for the land and were accepted.

Three days later, we were on a train and heading South to see my brother and Scott's uncle. As I dealt with getting the horses, Scott went to his uncle to explain our plan. He was willing to help, but Scott's parents opposed our plan. They relayed the news to Angelica's parents, who were still trying to arrange her marriage with the plantation owner.

As James and I went into town to buy our supplies for the trek, Angelica's parents called her to their home. She agreed, believing that they wanted to wish us luck on our journey. When she arrived, her parents, and the plantation owner her parents strongly favored to become their new son-in-law, were their.

A large argument quickly consumed the household. Angelica refused to stay and marry the terrible man. Her parents refused to give her any money and would disown her if she did not marry him. Angelica fled the home and back to James's house where the four of us were staying. She found Scott at the piano in the library and explained the situation to him through tears and anger.

To prove a point to their families, they went into town and eloped. Not I or Alex knew of the matter until that evening when we arrived back at the home with all of the supplies. We were happy, for they would have either married then or later down the road. But what troubled us was the repercussions of the matter. What if Scott's parents became angry and convinced his uncle to stop helping us? My brother didn't like Scott and Angelica as a couple, and maybe when he learns of their elopement he will take the horses back.

We did our best to keep the news under wraps until the day we left. But in a Southern town, word spread fast of Scott and Angelica's marriage. When we were all loaded onto the covered wagon with the four horses hitched up, all ready to pull the wagon, Scott's father and Angelica's father arrived. They demanded for my brother to take the horses back and wanted Scott and Angelica to get an annulment.

No such thing happened. Angelica started the horses up to begin our long journey. Scott's uncle and my brother waved us a fare well as the other two men stood furious. We hurried our way to Independence, Missouri and headed off on the Oregon Trail. The trek for us took about four months, and luck truly was on our side. The horses weren't injured and none of us died.

When we arrived, it was just as I dreamed; high grassy mountains, a fenced acreage with a house built on the hill, a barn built at the bottom of the hill, and a small thick forest behind the house and barn. God truly blessed us with this land. We had everything we needed. We just had to start mating the horses and clean up the land, since it had grown a little wild since the previous owners.

“This land is so beautiful!” Angelica sighed. “I'm proud to raise a baby here.”

“BABY?” Us three men exclaimed.

Scott goes pale.

“Yeah. What's wrong?” Angelica turned to us.

“When did we plan on having kids? You never wanted a family and neither did I.” Scott said, staring at Angelica's abdomen.

“I know that, but it isn't like we planned NOT to be physical. I didn't like it when I found out either, but we are gonna have a baby and I would rather be out here where it can learn to be itself.” Angelica rested a hand on her abdomen. “If I am right, I am about three months along already.”

James stumbled back and hit the wagon. “Great, our plans are ruined. Why did you have to do that stuff on the trip?”

“I ca-can't help it. People in lo-love do th-th-this stuff...” Scott stuttered, continuing to stare at Angelica's abdomen. “I'm going to be a father...”

I cleared my throat. “Well, while you ponder about this Scott, we need to get settled into this place. The sooner we do that, the sooner we can sleep in a home instead of under the stars. It gets boring after a while.” I climbed into the wagon and began to pull out our clothing trunks.

James joined me, mumbling something incoherent under his breath. His facial expression told me he was angry over the idea of a tiny baby joining our group. I wasn't shocked at this. I knew it would have happened very quickly, what with how long Angelica and Scott were holding back on their physical urges. I have some physical feelings of my own, but I was raised under the Bible, and the Bible says that men don't do those things with other men.

I peaked out of the wagon and saw Scott and Angelica sitting in the grass. His hand was on her stomach and she was smiling. They were going to be alright. This kid won't effect our plans.
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Vagabond said...
Oct. 15, 2012 at 4:22 am
Omygosh i simply loveeeeeed it!! too good mind checking my book a new era   give me your feedbacks too :) thanks :)

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