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9/11: Sara's Story

January 4, 2018
By Mal.5988, Olympia, Kentucky
Mal.5988, Olympia, Kentucky
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    A bright morning with a yummy cup of coffee, a cab ride to a job, a bright sign, and bright, young faces turned into disaster. In the matter of a second, a plane can crash into a building destroying the lives of you and the people you love most. As for Sara, this is just how her day went. With a bestfriend who's "wild" and a missing parents, it's everything she can do to hold herself together. Take a journey through New York City during the biggest catatrophy America has ever faced in the 21st century. Will Sara be able to survive and protect the people she cares about the most? To find out, read 9/11: Sara's Story


9/11: Sara's Story

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