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Trafalgar Law x OC

June 20, 2017
By luffyspiratequeen SILVER, Harrisonville, Pennsylvania
luffyspiratequeen SILVER, Harrisonville, Pennsylvania
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"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." - Eleanor Roosevelt


Zoe has pretty much given up on life. She's a pirate. For a while she was on her own, sailing the seas as a lone wolf. One day she's asked to join the Kid Pirates by Eustass Kid himself. Of course, she accepts. The next day she learns that she is to only be their new play thing.


Zoe has pretty much given up on life. She has given up on a way out. She has given up on seeing the outside again..


Will this change, or is she forever doomed to be utterly and completely used by the Kid Pirtaes?

Grace S.

Trafalgar Law x OC

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