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The Clown Statue

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Get Out. Now!

I saw a dog run up to the door to the backyard as I started for the kitchen. "Why, you must be max!" I said in a childish voice. The Pomeranian turned its head at me, stared for a second, then turned back to the door. Tough crowd. "Hold on a sec!" I said, grabbing his leash. He probably needs to get out a lot.
I opened the sliding glass doors and we went outside. I sat on the large bench that was also a swing and waited for max to do his thing. While I was waiting, something out of the corner of my eye caught my attention. I turned my head, but nothing was there. Oh well, false alarm.
I suddenly felt a drop of rainwater on my nose, looked up, and watched it start to drizzle. "Come on, Maxie! Let's get inside!" I yelled to him. He looked up and followed me home. I like this dog. He's more obedient than the kids.
We both went inside and I closed the sliding glass doors. Time to check that the kids are still alive. "Kids, you wanna play monopoly? Maybe some battleship? Hide and seek, even?" No reply. That's passing for part one. Now commencing part 2. "Hey kids, who wants dinner?" I said while raising an eyebrow.
Immediately, they got up and ran over to the kitchen, nearly running each other over. That was an instant pass for part 2. I made nick grilled cheese with fish sticks and grape juice. You may think that that's little kid food, but I still eat that! :) I made Amy Alfredo pasta with shrimp and broccoli, and both kids get chicken noodle soup when they finish.
With the kids stuffing their faces, I decided to go upstairs to watch TV. Maybe bones will be on tonight. Or maybe America's got talent. I heard a slight creaking noise while walking up the stairs. Hmm, old house. I walked into my sisters bedroom, sat down and leaned back on her bed, and turned on jeopardy.
After about 15 minutes of watching, the commercials came on. I gotta hit the can, I thought to myself. I didn't really need to, but you can never be too sure when it comes to that, you know. I got up and started walking towards the bathroom. It was across the hall, but before I left the room, something was shining in my eye. I ignored it.
When I came back, I was just in time to see who won. The light was back in my eye, but this time it was much more annoying. I got up to see what the light was coming from. I followed the light back to my sister's dressing cabinets.
I slowly approached it as the small thing came into view. The small statue was in the form of an evil clown, with shimmering orange hair, strange baggy clothes, and a painted white face and a wicked, slightly curved eager smile. The scariest part about it was the eyes. It had those starry red eyes with a line running down one eye like an old scar. I feel really freaked out now, because it's almost like this clown... Sees into my soul.
Okay, this thing is really gonna annoy me while watching x factor. I dialed my sis's number on speed dial and went through 4 beeps before she picked up. I couldn't really hear her over the load concert noise, so she told me to hold on a minute and went into the bathroom so that we could hear each other better.

Me- hey, sis. How's the concert going so far?
Jenny- oh, it's great. I'm having a really good time. How are the kids and max?
Me- oh they're great. Anna and nick are eating and max just went to sleep.
Jenny- oh that's great. Make sure the kids brush their teeth!
Me- oh I will, don't you worry!
Jenny- thanks, Ames.
Me- oh by the way, I called because I was in your room watching TV and this light from a clown statue on your counter was bugging me. So can I move it for now? Promise I'll put it back.
*long pause of silence*
Me- what, am I not allowed to watch TV past 8 or something?
*short pause, then a scream*
Jenny- okay, Amy, listen to me! You have got to get the children out of the house!
Me- why?! What's wrong?!
*short pause*
Me- WHY?!
Jenny- because we don't have a clown statue!
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 Next »

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kookie98 said...
May 3, 2012 at 12:23 pm
why cant i see the rest of the book? i only get t see the first chapter why is that?

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