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A Hero's Rain

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talking to yourself

chapter four
Axe waited out side his targets house, it was night and his twin had been home for a good four hours. Axe would have gone in the house right when his target arrived but for some reason he just could not make himself do it, he felt to nervous, another useless emotion. after a few more seconds of waiting, Axe stepped out of the car he was waiting in, which wasn't his, and walked right up to the front door. with a firm knock on the door it opened and Axe saw a surprised women standing in the door way, the women was Jimmy’s wife, Sarah. “Jimmy” the women said looking very confused “didn't you just get home and how did you change your cloths so fast?” with that Axe moved to speak but before he could a man stepped up from behind the women, his brother, Jimmy. “who is at the door Sar...” Jimmy was about to say before he saw Axe, after a surprised pause Jimmy continued his speaking. “this is impossible” Axe heard jimmy say, Sarah remained silent with shock. “may i come in?” Axe asked the two people calmly, they gave a nod to Axe. after Axe stepped in, Jimmy spoke. “my mom told me I had a twin brother when I was born but the doctors told her that he died!”, “apparently not” Axe said to the man. "this is just amazing!" Jimmy continued "after all this time, I never even gave you a second thought, and here you are, standing in my living room." Axe looked at the man, expressionlessly. Axe found his twin to be, in many ways, the same as himself. he knew that they would not be the same, having led different lives but the amount of things Axe could gather from just looking at the man, told that they were very much alike. Jimmy held himself much like Axe, straight back and confident, there mannerisms were similar, they both either held their hands behind there back or at their sides. even Jimmy's expressions were like Axe's, very controlled, it was like looking at your self. “if you would allow” Axe asked feeling like he was talking to himself “I would like to talk with you in private for a few minutes.” Axe gestured to Jimmy's wife, who was still insultingly staring at Axe, hardly a way to treat company. Jimmy made a confused expression but motioned for his wife to leave, which she did after she took one last long look at Axe. “you must agree” jimmy said once his wife was out of the room "that this is amazing, it’s like discovering that you're suddenly rich, only better. tell me, what is your name?”, "we shall get to things like that in a moment." Axe said "but first there is some things i must ask you!" JImmy nodded. "what would you like to know" JImmy said "I am an open book" “you work in the government do you not?” Axe asked Jimmy, “yeah i work in the government!” Jimmy replied seeming a little confused with the question “i am a senator!” with that Axe gave a nod trying to make it seem like he did not know that. “what have you been working on recently?” Axe asked “anything that may cause people in higher government positions to dislike you?”, “what does that have to do with anything right now?” Jimmy asked. “just answer the question, please” Axe replied to the man, Jimmy looked down in thought for a moment then turned back to Axe. “there are a few things that i have been apart of” Jimmy said “a few bills i am trying to stop from becoming laws, some people have been mad about that but that is normal for a senator's life”, “can you think of anything else” Axe replied to Jimmy appearing a little more flustered “anything unusual!” with that Jimmy shook his head no. Axe gave a sigh and reached for his gun, once his gun was firmly in hand he pointed it at Jimmy. “what are you doing!” Jimmy suddenly said nervously making sure that he did not make any sudden moves. Axe stood there trying to make himself pull the trigger, “he won't tell me anything” Axe thought to himself “I have to kill him” with that thought Axe almost pulled the trigger when sounds from outside drew his attention.
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Tara1 said...
Jan. 4, 2013 at 9:18 pm
nice... definitely wanted to read more
Winged.Living.Free. said...
Mar. 16, 2012 at 6:09 pm
Zelous-Arrow-Shade replied...
Mar. 27, 2012 at 10:27 am
thanks for your comment, i enjoyed it. please feel free to comment on anything you would like to see in the book or happen, it is still a work in progress and i need more idea's.

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