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Soul Slayer

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Tis ran around the house like a madman and I could hear Jamie following him. She screamed at him to stop every few seconds, which influenced him to keep going. They had already gone past my door at least 15 times, even though it was five in the morning. To try to keep their noise from reaching me I had stuck a pillow over my head and pulled it over my ears. Then I heard something swing, which was followed by the sound of something breaking. I quickly sat up in my queen-sized bed and felt like killing the two kids outside my room. I had listened to their steady pace of running so long that I now knew when they were going to come by my room next, so I walked over to the door of my room and waited like a tiger for it’s prey. When I heard them only a few feet away from my door I opened it and jumped out to the foyer like a crazy person. I snatched up Tis and he yelped like a small dog, and then proceeded to squirm like one in my arms. I grabbed Jamie’s arm and she squeaked. In her hands was a large broom. “What the hell is going on? And what did you break!” I yelled at them and they seemed to shrink. They stared at each other until Jamie spoke.
“Tis started it! He wouldn’t shut up and I knew you were still sleeping! I tried to quiet him, really I did! But he bit me!” She protested and I looked at her for a moment.
“How does him biting you lead to you swinging a broom around and breaking something?” I yelled.
“I had to get revenge! I wasn’t going to let him get away after he bit me! You didn’t let him get away when he pinched you!” She yelled and I sighed. I looked at her and shook my head.
“Go to your room, Jamie. I’ll come talk to you after I deal with Tis.” I said and she scurried to her room. She slammed the door and then the hall went quiet. I set Tis so that he was standing on the ground and then sat down so we were looking eye to eye. “Why did you bite Jamie and why were you running in the first place?” I asked him.
“I was trying to be superman! He can fly so I was trying to too! But Jamie got in my way and wouldn’t let me fly anymore.” He grumbled and I sighed again. I set my hand on his head and slightly smiled.
“Jamie was just trying to let me sleep, Tis. It was wrong of you to bite her,” I said and he nodded with a frown, “Now, next time you want to fly can you wait till I’m awake? Then I’ll help you. How does that sound?”
“Great!” He agreed.
“Now I want you to go tell Jamie you are sorry for biting her, okay?” I asked and he nodded. We walked to Jamie’s door and Tis grabbed my hand. He was pretty cute for a 4 year old, but very obsessed with superman. I knocked on Jamie’s door and she opened it. I let go of Tis’s hand and he looked at Jamie.
“Sorry I bit you, Jamie.” He grumbled and Jamie slightly smiled with victory.
“It’s okay.” She said back and I looked at Tis.
“You should go to you room and pick out your clothes for school, okay?” I asked and he scurried off. I went into Jamie’s room and shut the door. She sat on her bed and I sat next to her. “Jamie, when I chased Tis for pinching me I really shouldn’t have. I should have done something more adult about it and I’m sorry I acted like such a bad role model. I’m really trying to work on that.” I said and she smiled.
“It’s okay. You’re still in high school, so you have a while to work on being an adult.” She said and I smiled.
“Now, what did you break with the broom?” I asked and she looked ashamed. She handed me the broom in her hands.
“I’m not sure.” She said as she looked away.
My hands went automatically to my hips as I stood. “I’ll go look. You should get ready for school and then could you help Tis get ready?” I asked and she nodded. I walked out of the room and down the hall. I walked around the house until I finally found what was broken. It was Hajji’s mother’s favorite glass vase. My face whitened as I realized what it was. I quickly ran to the kitchen and got out a small grocery bag. I went back to the shattered vase and used the broom in my hands to sweep the pieces up and into the bag. I went back to the kitchen and put the broom up against the wall as I went to the second drawer in the kitchen. I grabbed out a thing of clear glue and sat down at the small 4-person table in the middle of the kitchen. As I took out the first piece of the vase the front door opened. Voices flooded the fairly quiet house.
“Hajji!” A lady yelled and I was startled. I dropped the piece of the glass vase and it slit my index finger on my right hand. I took a quick breath in and held it until the main pain passed. Then I quickly picked up the piece and put it back in the bag. I went over to the sink and started cold water. I put my finger under the flowing water that turned red as it touched my blood. The whole sink seemed to be covered in red water as I heard two people walking into the kitchen. I looked up to see Hajji, a very handsome man who owned his father business whom was also my land lord that let me stay in his house with only a payment of taking care of his two children and was liked by a lot of girls, and his assistant Yuri, a very beautiful lady whom was very smart and very rich that hated Hajji but had to put up with him because he was her boss. But no one ever said she had to put up with him kindly, so every time she was with him they were arguing. They were both in suits fitting their gender and were carrying brief cases. When I looked up Yuri smacked the back of Hajji’s head with her suitcase in anger. “What the hell were you thinking? Being rude to our manager like that!” She yelled at him without even realizing they were not alone in the room.
“He insulted me! I wasn’t going to let him off!” He hollered back.
Yuri put her hands on her hips as she stopped in the middle of the entryway to the kitchen. “Well mister high and mighty! I’ve got something to tell you!” She started to yell and then she noticed me. Her cheeks turned hot pink as she dropped her suitcase and her hands went to cover her mouth. “Hope! I didn’t realize you were here!” She explained sorrowfully, “I’m sorry you had to hear us!”
Hajji frowned at her. “She’s a high school student, for heaven’s sake! She can handle us fighting! Stop treating her like a child!” Hajji argued.
“So? I hate my dear Hope seeing me act in such an angry manner!” She said as she came over to me. “I’m sorry, my love. I didn’t mean for you to hear us fighting.” She apologized as she walked towards me with open arms.
“You lesbian! Don’t touch her!” Hajji yelled as he ran to us. He stood in between us and Yuri frowned.
“You can’t keep Hope to yourself forever you know! She will become mine!” Yuri complained as she crossed her arms over her chest. I turned off the water running on my finger and quickly grabbed a paper towel. I turned to Yuri and smiled.
“Please don’t fight you two.” I said and they both looked at me. Yuri’s eyes immediately went to the paper towel and she looked back at my face.
“What did you do to your finger?” She asked me.
“Nothing. It’s fine.” I said with a smile and she smiled too.
“Well I have to go, I have to clean up the mess Hajji made at the office.” She said and then walked out. “Bye bye, love!” Yuri called to me and then she shut the front door. Hajji turned to me and smiled.
“Why are you up so early? I was expecting to be the only one up.” He said.
“There was an accident this morning, so I had to fix it.” I said and he looked concerned. He looked at my finger and then at my face.
“Care to explain?” He asked me and I sighed.
“I’m really sorry, Hajji.”
“For what?”
“I accidentally broke your mother’s glass vase. I’m really sorry.” I said as I looked away, but then I heard the two kids running down the stairs. Usually they would immediately run to Hajji and hug him, but they stopped at the entrance to the kitchen.
“Hope what are you saying?” Jamie gasped and I looked up at her.
“I was just telling your father what I did. Don’t worry about it, Jamie.” I said and she ran to Hajji. She looked up at him with a brave face.
“Hope is just trying to cover for me, Dad! I broke the vase! It’s my fault!” She protested and Hajji looked at me. I quickly went over to Jamie and knelt down so I was looking her in the face. I put my hand on her head and smiled.
“But it happened because I was immature and you followed my example, Jamie. This was not your fault. It was truly mine. I am the one to blame for your actions towards Tis and that lead to the breaking of the vase.” I said with a kind smile and she blinked back tears. She knew I was trying to protect her and she felt bad that I would get in trouble for her actions this morning.
“Hope…” She started to say and I stood.
“It’s okay, Jamie. Just let it go.” I said and she nodded. I put my hands on my hips and tilted slightly to the side. “Now, the bus will be coming soon. Are you both ready?” I asked and they both nodded. I looked at how they were dressed and smiled. “Okay, go grab your bags.” I said and they scurried off. I went over to the fridge and pulled out a red superman lunchbox and a green, girly lunch box. The kids came back with their bags on their backs and I handed them their lunch boxes. The three of us went to the front door and they ran to the corner to join the group of kids there. My friend Miss Fall called Jamie and Tis to her. I waved to her and she waved back. I knew they were safe with Miss Fall, so I went back inside the house and closed the door. I felt something wet hit my foot and I looked down. Blood from my cut finger had filled the paper towel fully and was now dripping. I quickly put my hand under the paper towel to catch the blood that dripped off it as I ran to the kitchen. I threw the paper towel away as I passed the trashcan on my way to the sink and then hurried over there. Hajji watched my vicious scurry through the kitchen and he saw the blood. When I put my hand over the sink Hajji came over to me. Before I knew anything my finger was in Hajji’s mouth and he was sucking it. I could feel my face burning from embarrassment but Hajji didn’t notice since his eyes were closed and he was paying all of his attention on my finger. “Hajji…what are you doing?” I asked, as I blushed more.
His eyes didn’t open as he answered, “The only way to heal a deep cut like this quickly is with saliva.” He explained and I quickly made myself stop blushing. I could feel his tongue moving around my finger and my blushing started again.
“Hajji! It’s fine! I can just put it under water!” I said, as I blushed more. His eyes opened and I quickly stopped blushing. He took my finger out of his mouth and then quickly put it under the water he turned on. I stayed by the sink as he went to the table. He laid his coat on the back of a chair and I quickly looked away. I focused on my finger but I was distracted when I felt something warm around me. I turned my head to the side to see Hajji’s head lying on my shoulder. I looked down at my waist to see his arms wrapped around me. He was hugging me and I felt embarrassed but kept myself from blushing. He was looking at my finger, but spoke to me.
“Is it really all that embarrassing for me to suck your finger?” He asked, “I saw how much you were blushing.”
“It’s just weird. What if Tis or Jamie came back inside to get something and saw you doing that? They would think something was happening between us.” I said and he looked at me with odd eyes that I could not tell what they held.
“Do you not feel what I do between us? I think there is something very big happening there.” He said and I blushed. I quickly focused on my finger.
“Hajji, I do feel what is between us and I have for a long time. But this feeling can’t stay. I can’t allow it to.” I said and he looked confused.
“Why not?”
I sighed. “You’re mortal, Hajji. I’m not.”
“So? I know what you are and I really don’t care if we’re different.” He said and I looked at him as I held back tears.
“If I end up like my brother I will have put you through worse regret if our emotions towards each other keep on. I can’t let myself get close to anyone because there is a very high chance I will endure the same fate as my beloved brother.” I said and then put my non-cut hand on Hajji’s arms that hugged me. “If I die it will hurt you three. I could never handle that or accept it. I love your children and I’m starting to fall for you.”
“But what if you don’t die, Hope? Do you want to live your life with no one close to you?” He asked me.
“I’d rather do that then take the risk of hurting you.” I said as one tear ran down my cheek. “I’m sorry.” I turned off the sink.
“Hope…” He said sorrowfully.
“Please, just let me go.” I whispered and he did. I went over to a cabinet and took out a bandage. I put it over my cut and then quickly went up the stairs. I put on my makeup and got ready. Then I grabbed my white shirt, red hair bow, black skirt, backpack, and high heal black shoes. I quickly went downstairs and stood in front of the doorway. I slipped on my shoes, set down my bag, and looked in the mirror near the door. I clipped my hair bow in and fixed it. I turned around to grab my bag but was stopped by Hajji who was standing there and staring at me. “Hajji?” I asked quietly and he immediately pushed me against the wall next to the mirror. “Hajji!” I gasped.
“I can’t hold back anymore. I want you so badly.” He whispered in my ear and then I felt his hands pull on the top button of my shirt. He undid it and then followed with the next one as he slightly bit my ear.
“Hajji! Stop!” I called and his face lifted so that he was looking at me.
“I can’t. I love you.” He whispered and then his lips touched mine, as my third button was undone. As his tongue moved in my mouth his warm hands moved inside my shirt so that he touched my whole upper body. His hands stopped at my hips as his tongue moved more. He moaned as our lips parted and then went back together. When our lips moved apart for the 8th time I quickly turned my head to the side and he kissed my neck.
“Hajji! Please! This is wrong!” I whispered and I felt him move from my neck, as there was a knock on the door. I pushed him away from me and went to the door. I buttoned the three buttons of my shirt and then opened the door. The mailman handed me the mail, tilted his hat, and then walked off. I shut the door and Hajji grabbed my wrists. I dropped the mail on the ground as I was pinned. Hajji looked at me in concerning way.
“Why are you telling me to stop?” He asked. “Your body and soul are calling out to me telling me this is what you want.” I looked away from him and at the mail on the ground. “I love you so badly and have used all the strength I have to keep myself off of you for this long, but now that I know you feel the same I want to take over you and make you mine. Do you not want that?”
“No Hajji, I don’t.” I lied and then pushed him away. I quickly went over to my bag and put it on my shoulder. I went to the door and then stopped with my hand on the doorknob. “Let’s just pretend this didn’t happen. For Tis and Jamie’s sake. I’m an older sister in their eyes. I can’t be having an affair with their father who is engaged! I was a fool for letting these stupid emotions get in my sight of the future I am trying to obtain!” I said and then calmed down. “I have my cell phone with me, so contact me if you’re going to see your fiancé today. If you are I will come back and take care of the kids.” I said quietly. “If you don’t call don’t expect me back until you leave for work.” I quickly opened the door and shut it behind me. Then I ran to school and got there as the bell rang. For all of my morning classes I cleared my mind.
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headoverheels44 said...
Oct. 22, 2011 at 1:30 pm
Thank you everyone for the great ratings! I am happy people actually like my writing, since it is my whole world :)
Amster said...
Sept. 16, 2011 at 6:01 am
I really enjoyed reading this. I look forward to reading more of your work. ^_^
Garnet77 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Aug. 4, 2011 at 2:33 am
I like the idea of this, though I spotted a few grammatical errors and some run-on sentences, but those are pretty easy to fix. I liked some of your descriptions, and the story itself is very interesting. Good job :)

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