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Relentless Rematch

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The Judges

“Come here Rachna!” she said laughing.
I ran over and hugged my mother. She held me tight and I sat on the rock next to her as Jared was called over by my aunts, who were giggling so hard if they were human they would turn purple. She leaned over and whispered in my ear, “I knew I felt something between you two.”
“Right! Sure, Mother!” I said sarcastically.
“Anyways, we are going to have to have talk with my Bother, aren’t we?”
“You will, yes.”
“Me? Are you not coming, darling?”
I didn’t want to admit it, but I knew that Perisu just wanted me dead. Embarrassing his son and being his cousin seemed to bug him. “He’ll understand you better, Mother. He never takes time to listen to me,” I lied smoothly.
“No, Rachna. You and Jared must come!” she insisted.
No way I could get out of it now! “We must leave now, sisters!” she called and three heads turned seeming to be annoyed with her. “We must go and fix things with our brothers,” she sighed, “it seems they still don’t have the message, we don’t tolerate this nonsense!”
The Spirits laughed and got up, and I truly saw the dazzling dresses they wore. Tini wore a blue dress that had scales embedded all over and it glinted a glassy green. Dectas, goddess of soil, had on a deep brown with diamonds from huge to microscopic rooted in hers. Last, but certainly not least, Linerati, the goddess of the sky, wore a beautiful gold dress the exact color of the sun. “Wow,” Jared said as they passed him.
As Dectas passed, she whispered in my ear, “Nice choice,” and Linerati, “I Love the boy.”
I giggled and turned red, “Oh no! Not you too!” Jared said.
“Well, they are my aunts, so I must get it from them.”
He shrugged and we followed them through the forest around us, holding hands, and I didn’t even realize we were losing altitude. Soon we were at the same hole with the spiral staircase that led down to Perisu’s study. When we went down, he was sitting at his desk, in his dark jeans, black shirt and leather jacket. He had glasses on and was reading a newspaper, obviously from the Underworld because it was nothing like the newspapers on Earth. This was all about fire, and it had moving pictures. He looked up and sighed, then snapped his fingers and his other brothers came in. They all wore the same thing, jeans, black shirt and jacket. Tini spoke first, “Brother, you have broken so many laws, I can not count.”
“Yes, Ancient laws Brothers!” Dectas added.
“And had almost succeeded in killing Rachna! Jeru, your son, must be punished for all that he has done, and you must fix all that you have tampered with.” All the Earth Spirits were talking like the really were millenniums old, and had odd accents.
Perisu snorted a laugh, “No! We have nothing against the Ancient laws!”
“You have let your son go on Earth without ours, or our daughters’, permission. You have forced my daughter to come down and fight your son. You have taken away my daughter’s powers, and you have been denying my daughter of seeing her sisters, and-“
“Bures said waving his hands at Tini’s red face, “But we aren’t going to let you parade down here and take everything back, are we?”
“No, we aren’t Bures,” Fexil agreed, with a smug smile.
Fexil snapped his fingers and vines grew from the rocky walls rapidly. They were black with green thorn fingers. They held the Earth Spirits in place firm. The Spirits easily threw the vines off, but more came tumbling down from the ceiling and floor. “There’s no point in fighting it, sisters,” Perisu said looking more bored than he actually was. “It’ll just keep coming.”
“Stop it!” I yelled at him, and all three of the Judges looked at me like they just noticed me. “Stop it right now! Let them go!”
“No, sissy,” Bures growled at me, “You’re the reason we’re in this mess!”
“Then take me!” I shouted in frustration.
The Brothers looked at me and considered it for a moment. “No, you’re worth nothing compared to all three of the Earth Spirits!” Fexil said through his yellow stained teeth.
“We’ve been working for centuries to get the Vines ready! Now we can finally claim what is rightfully ours!”
“No!” I shouted and looked over at the Earth Spirits. “No,” I whispered to myself again.
“Ah, what are we going to do with you two, small ones?” Someone said, but I wasn’t looking.
Jared must have poked me, because he didn’t talk to Spirits a lot anyways. I looked over at the Brothers, laughing and smiling smugly. I had ice in my veins and I was ready to murder the Brothers if it was possible. “Fight.” I said simply.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 Next »

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