The shadow

January 29, 2018
By fortr BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
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fortr BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
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Author's note:

I was inspired to write this piece because I have always wondered what fish think when they see a boat.

The Shadow - Part 1

I was a happy fish just minding my own business when I saw this huge shadow above me. It was at the very top of the water, just sitting there, so I went up to check it out; breaking our number one rule: When curious, leave it be. So I go up to this monster of a thing, and I look at it. I take a real good long look at it. I close my eyes and open them back up, see if I’m just crazy and imagining something. I open my eyes and guess what? The things gone. My eyes were just playing a trick on the the whole time.
Wait, I think I see it again. Maybe it wasn’t gone. I went up to it again. I Closed my eyes to imagine it, and then I opened them right away. It was moving!! Ha, I had tricked it. The shadow thought I was closing my eyes for a while and took off, and then I just opened right up. So I’ve got that noted now. This thing is trying to get away from me. Maybe it doesn’t like me. It’s just slowly floating along. I wonder what the heck this thing is. It’s really annoying me. I am going to stay right alongside with this thing until I figure out what it is. I sat there observing the shadow for a while, just watching it, and making sure it’s not going anywhere.

BOOM!! WHOOSH! A huge metal rocky thing that had three hook-like things flew into the water with a thud. Scared me to death. It sank to the bottom of the water. It had a rope tied to it, and that rope was connected to the big shadow at the top of the water. Now the big shadow wasn’t moving at all. This rock or metal thing was heavy enough to hold the shadow down. It was holding the shadow in place, because of the rope connected to it. It was as heavy as a lead ball. Not that I would know what the heck a lead ball is, but I have heard the saying before so I use it. Now I could stay here and observe what this thing was. I went up even closer for another look. I went to touch the shadow and it was at the very top of the water. It was on top of the water, just floating there. Then I heard a little splash a ways away. My head shot that way, but I then discovered that it was nothing. Probably somebody just getting a snack.

Swimming my way, a little fish was coming toward me. I was very eager for a snack, but the shadow was my main intent right now. As the fish got closer it looked like there was a little thread that was forcing the fish to go somewhere. And the tail on that thing, let’s not even talk about that, because boy do I tell you, that was making me about to lunge for it. I watched the fish swim right past me, not changing speed once. Its eyes didn’t even move either. They were stagnant little silver with gold specs, glassy eyeballs with an I’ll-come-to-your-house-and-kill-you-look, and a perfect black dot centered in the middle of the perfect goldish brownish color with silver specs. They looked almost fake, and plus, I had never seen that kind of fish in this place in my life. I didn’t even know we had this kind of fish. Something was up here, and I knew it. I might not know what’s up, but I know something is up. I got focused on the shadow again. It still wasn’t moving. I heard another splash in the distance, and in a couple of seconds the same little fish came swimming up to me again. Then it came a third time, and then a fourth. I wonder what was happening. I heard the splash in the distance for a fifth time and this time, not a little fish came swimming by, but a large fish. It was like three or four pounds. It had the string on it too. This fish was fighting though, and I could tell he was in a lot of pain. I heard a loud crack and snap, and then the fish stopped struggling. The shadow above started pounding and rocking, almost like it was mad. Everyone now huddled around the one fish, named Marcus, who had been on the string. He had this pain in his mouth so we looked at it. That same fish that had swam by four times was in his mouth, and it had a really sharp silver thing coming out of its back. That thing had poked right through Marcus’s skin, and wouldn’t come out. What the heck was going on?

I went back up to the shadow to chill where I had been before. For the next half hour, a different little fish had been being pulled and jerked around by string by the shadow. In different spots this time though. Nobody bothered to eat anything anymore because of what had happened to Marcus. Of course there were some dumb little dudes messing around and daring each other to bite the little fish. When they did so, they would always get hauled up over and on top of the shadow, and they would always come back into the water with a splash. Every Time they came with some extreme pain in a different part of their mouth. After one came back everyone would huddle around them listening to their stories. They were all similar, something like this: There were these huge things that had arms and legs, and they grabbed me. Then they yanked the fish and pointy thing out of my mouth. Then the thing turned to the other thing and said that I wasn’t big enough to eat. I have no clue what that means. But I do know one thing: there was only one thing to do to find out.

Send someone bigger up there

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