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January 11, 2018
By kayhey, Saint Paul, Minnesota
kayhey, Saint Paul, Minnesota
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Thoria is a well known virtual reality world game that came out in 2015. Within the next year the government of the city Feliks, restrict players to play the game. No one knows why it is. There are many rumors going around the city that players becoming brain dead during or after they have played the game.
Now in the year 2025, for the past 9 years since the game was restricted, the government has been drawing names and asking people to voluntarily join the military. The boys who are called or joined the military enters into the tallest building in the city, named Hilda. They tell citizens that there is a war going on called, the White War. It’s a war that can’t be known or seen, they say. But some people believe that this White War has a relationship with Thoria.
The story revolves around a girl name Kay.
Kay, who hates her life because she is mistreated in many different ways. Kay’s adopted mother hates her and have abused her for so many years. Kay has been taught to serve and respect everyone in the family, for age does not matter. She is forced to live in the most nasty, dirty, filthy room in the house. Other than her life at home, she is  very outgoing at school and work. The adopted parents don’t know about her outside life accept for her unblooded siblings and friends. The goal in her life is to find her real parents.
But she is forced to join the military, due to the fact that her adopted mother force her to. The adopted mother refuse to let the chosen one in the family to go when his name was drawn. She joins in as her brother, Jay. She crossdressed to look like him and now has to act and be just like him.
Thoria is the story of her experience in the “military”.  How would she pull it off? And most importantly, what happened to Thoria? White War? And How does this relate to her?



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