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Trinity Soul Spiral

Author's note: I started writing this piece in 4th grade and I have been trying to finish it since then,...  Show full author's note »
Author's note:

I started writing this piece in 4th grade and I have been trying to finish it since then, I've finally got the inspersation to do so.

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Discovered an Uncovered

The Bishop led us down a set of spiral stairs, his wood cane clicking at each step.
"Where exactly are we going?" Luke asked.
"Somewhere as far away from Six as possible." Circe laughed.
"And where would that be?"

The Old man stopped and said, ¨I don't know, I've never used this exit before."
I slapped my head. "You've got to be kidding me!"
"Quite the contrary, the Bishop tends to forget things." Solem said.
Upstairs the door crashed down and the pounding of footsteps preceded them. We went faster now not wanting to fight in a tight space where Six's Soldiers would have the advantage over us.
"We need to find open ground so we can face them in a fair fight." Luke exclaimed.
"Over there!"
Solem pointed to a platform before a set of stairs. It seemed as if we were in a burial tomb. On the circle platform we waited for the soldiers to come. The pounding of the boots stopped as it reached the doorway. The we heard a roar even worse than Luke's singing. (Sorry bro). I backed away a half step as I heard the banging on the metal door. Circe became a shadowy dragon and approached and approached the door. Seconds past then the seconds felt like minuites. With a crash a beast, no a hybrid the size of a small house came crashing through the door.
It had a Large head feathered in green and purple covered in the blood, of which I hope was not of its previous victims. Its large pointed snout concealed venomous fangs and rows of needle sharp teeth, the tail was as long as a tree with a large club protruding from the end. The creature roared and lunged towards Solem, who managed to slide under its curved yellow claws. He slid and rebounded of the wall, hands on knees, “That….was….too close….for comfort.”
I slashed at the clubbed end of the beast which roared and hit the moonblade with its tail. Sparks flew off of the sword and showered the Kyrullan guard. Luke wove his way through the guards cutting down any that got in his way. I don't know if I imagined it but the Axe started to glow red. The beast roared and charged again at it’s prey, I dove to side feeling it’s hot breath against my hair. Solem was slashing and cutting the beast jumping around like an orange frog, Circe, now a black dragon soared up and crashed down on the beast's’ back. With a roar of anguish it crashed down flattening some of the Kyral imperial guard. Luke stood dumbstruck as the clubbed tail crashed down just feet from him. I chose that moment to spring into action as the venomous teeth came sliding towards Luke. Pushed him away from the venomous teeth and everything went dark.

I looked around the surrounding area which was covered in blood or dust to find Luke lying twenty feet away from the hybrid and Mark under it’s claw. My brethren the kyral were all dead or wounded so I hastily got to my feet and woke up the blacksmith. As I was waking him I noticed the shadow had shrank to its normal form and was watching Mark closely.
The Bishop came over to me and said, “Are you alright my friend?” I nodded and replied. “Fine, I’ll grab the blacksmith and you grab Mark.”
The Bishop stooped down to retrieve his staff and set off to get Mark. We set off to get out of the city before more guards showed up. While encamped in the forest I pondered what was wrong with Mark and the shadow until the bishop told me.
“The boy, he has been poisoned by the venom of that creature. You must get him to the untouched desert to cut the root of the cactus and give it to him otherwise, His face darkened. “He’ll die.” I picked up Luke who was starting to awaken and looked back at the bishop.
“Don’t worry my friend.” He smiled. “I still have a few tricks up my sleeve, I’ll be fine.” I sighed and strapped my daggers to my belt, “If I’m not back by dawn in three days take Mark to the nearest village maybe they have some of the cactus root." "The old man nodded.
"I will take him but I doubt they will have any, less give him some." I sighed and quickly sped off to the untouched desert.
The Bishop looked at Mark's prone form and sighed, "Solem I hope for once you do the right thing.¨


I trudged along through the city trying to put as much distance between us and the kyrullan guard. The searchlights passed over head a few times as the the sparrows flew overhead. Sparrows are helicopters that can drive on land if they need to. The design is very complex. The exterior usually have a logo along the wing and the searchlights use x-ray to search through solids. Ok I lied they are not very complex, just imagine a dune buggy with a helicopter top. It carries four passengers one pilot two gunners and a searcher. Anyway I hauled Luke Into the cart we entered in and hit it into full gear. The cart jumped and bounced over the road as two sparrows came and started to rain down a storm of bullets at us. One of the bullets hit the engine of the cart and set it on fire. I grabbed one of the ropes from the cart and slung it at the sparrow. Using the rope I climbed into it and tossed the passengers out. I flew the stolen falcon out of the city and a bullet knocked on the window barely above my head I can't believe my luck.
I woke up to wind and sand in my eyes and I jerked my head back in the window. Wait,...window. "Holy crap I'm in a sparrow!" I exclaimed. Solem was sitting in the control seat and said, "No you're in a bird's mouth, of course you're in a sparrow!" I gawked at the craft and said. "I thought these were only real in imagination." I looked around the ship. "Wait where's Mark and Circe?" "Mark was poisoned from the hybrid back there after saving your life." Solem said without looking away from the viewport. I slumped back in my seat. "So is...is he you know?" Solem sighed. "No not yet but will be if we don't find a cactus root or whatever." I sat up straight and yelled. "Step on it then!" “Hold on we may have company.” Solem said as a blast rocked the sparrow

I awoke in a shell of darkness only hearing the steady beat of my heart. I had the feeling I was falling. Into, I had no idea and I would've never expected it to hurt as much as it did.
"Mark. Mark. Mark! Mark wake up!"
I jumped up only to see a black and white world around me.
"You're finally awake." A voice said.
"Who's there?" I asked.
"Mark it's me, Circe."
I made an O with my mouth and said, "Circe, where are we?"
"Your body was poisoned so I've brought you to the shadow realm."
"Shadow realm?" I asked.
"Yes the shadow realm is a place full of shadow sprites and their occasional masters." She answered.
I nodded, "So where are you?" "I am one with you while we are here, but there is one problem."
"And that is?" I asked.
"Six has an Alpha shadow sprite and he is here searching for you." She replied.
"Oh crap." "Hold on, I will make myself visible to you." Suddenly I saw Circe in front of me dressed in the same red jacket as me yet hers was smaller and instead of my white scarf she had a black one.
“You can take a picture It’ll last longer.¨ she said,Just as I realized I’d been caught staring. “Sorry.”
I ran my hand through my hair. "Okay Six is after us so what do we do?"
She put her hand on her hip. "We avoid him, he has an Alpha so we run until Luke and Solem bring us back to the real world."
We started to run and looked at Circe, "Sounds good to me. Left or Right?"
“Left” she replied.
As Circe and I ran I caught a splitting headache causing me to fall and stumble a few times. Circe and I could tell Six was closing in on us fast and I really didn't want to face him in a world where I knew nothing. Our Path wove through the black and white forest with grotesque and twisted trees along the way. We sped to a halt when we could go no farther when we saw a large dark form in front of us. "Run." Circe said. I tried but I couldn't move. "The creature started to turn around and said, "Well we meet again."
"Six!"I spat.
The mass fully turned and I saw a bulk of a man with short black hair and eyes gray as stone.
"Yes Mark, It is I and I see you have found the shadowrealm."
"No way your Six you’re not that young!"
"Or handsome.” Circe chimed in.
“Not helping.” I told her. She shrugged "Six, your real form is at ugly as Luke's singing is terrible."
Six merely laughed, "It is not wise to make me angry. I also see that your shadow can manifest itself as well interesting I only thought alphas could do that. Shrine, come here."
I laughed again. “Who are you talking to?”
"I'd be crazy too if I looked as bad as you do."
"Mark!" Circe warned.
"Hold on a second okay hold up. Six if you were a dog I'd draw a face on your butt and tell you to walk backwards.” I wiped tears from my eyes and kept going. "You're so dumb your first word was llama instead of mama."
Six's face flushed, “Enough! you draw the line when you say I'M dumb. That joke didn't even make sense."
He kicked me as hard as he could and sent me into a rock with enough force, I swear I saw tweety bird. I forced myself up and brushed the tiny pebbles off only to get ramed in the gut by something else. I fell to my knees, the wind knocked out of me.
Six said, "Well allow me introduce you to Shrine." He rammed into me again, and another guy held me by my throat and Six had Circe in a headlock.
He looked like he could be Six’s son except I could really see all of the people he’d killed in those black pools for eyes. He had long red windswept hair his skin was pale.
“You're the old man I saw at the village!” He smiled punched me in the face, blood dribbled from my nose. I stumbled and fell off of the edge, wind streaked past my face.
Six’s voice began to fade away as I faintly heard.
“Now I ‘ll go for your dying body and the moonblade!” He threw Circe ober the edge and laughed as we fell into the black mist and to the ground below.
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