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January 20, 2017
By Zantra, Palm Desert, California
Zantra, Palm Desert, California
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When Cleo jumped through the portal she was only trying to save her friends, and it is that small part of her that leads her to help save the world she lands in. When she landed in that world she meets a stranger who is callous but helpful, for he helps her tap into her newfound powers and pushes her to her limits to help her to grow stronger day by day. She is forced to trust him if she is to have any hopes of finding her friends. She also meets the boy who had been following the stranger long before she was even found. She grows closer to both of them as her journey continues, and as she learns more about the world she fell into, and the people who live there.

For reasons she can’t fathom, she unwillingly meets  with some of the most sadistic people of that world, including cold-blooded killers, malicious royalty, and tyrannical rulers. She is taken to one of the king's of that land, and finds out who the stranger really is. And once she finds out his plans for her to save his world, she tries to run only to realize she can’t leave him behind because of how deeply intertwined their destinies are, and because she can’t leave the people of that world to a fate worse than death itself. She decides to find the prophet who went into hiding years before, and when she finds him, she learns things she wished she never knew.

After a heart wrenching, vicious betrayal by someone most unexpected, and a deal with the devil himself, Cleo sets out on a new quest to save this world, with only the words of a dying man to guide her.



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