December 14, 2015
By cookiemuncher123, Stockton, California
cookiemuncher123, Stockton, California
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Everyday in Haven was a quiet boring place to Tyson. Foggy weather, cold outside, no one liked it. Tyson was a 15 year old brown long hair, short, skinny, and had a huge imagination. He went to the library everyday, hoping to find interesting stories. His parents were scientists and he thought of them as delusional and unusual parents that rambled all day about nothing. Sometimes his parents made him drink weird substances. As a kid, the specimens he saw, were full of chemicals. Everyday when he was 7,  he got nightmares of the same thing, a lady dying. He didn’t understand who, when, or what was happening.  He was homeschooled, so he didn’t have any friends. Days and days went by as usual-Boring and lonely-but one particular Monday made him have a feeling that something would happen, something bad. He breathed heavily and his stomach was in a knot. Tuesday, he got the same feeling, then Wednesday , then Thursday. He finally didn’t care anymore and thought it was his nerves or something, but Friday, the feeling went away. When he was just about to go to the library, he heard people screaming. Tyson was a little curious.  Nothing ever could stop him from getting what he wanted. Since he was only 15, his mom didn’t want him to leave. He insisted on going to investigate and when he walked into the library, he saw something. He didn’t know exactly what is was but he was able to explain it.
“Mom, I saw something. Something very cool. It was like a creature, but it was a person. He or it had red bloody eyes,” said Tyson
“Oh honey, you need to stop playing video games. Your imagination will get you into trouble sometime down the road,” Mom replied
“Mom I swear!” Tyson yelled. “I’m not lying. Just listen to me. There is something out there and it looks dangerous. Be careful.”
By then, his mom knew that there was something. She saw it with her own eyes. Scary, terrifying, skinny yet strong, and covered with their victims blood. The first thing she thought of was to get out of there, but as usual Tyson wanted to stay. Minute by minute and one by one Tyson saw what he thought were monsters coming. People were getting picked up off their feet and eaten up.
“Mom, I need you to do me a favor,” Tyson said. “Go somewhere safe, like your lab. Don’t get hurt. I will come back for you after all this is done.”
Whatever those monsters were, were quick.
“Hurry mom!” Tyson yelled. “Go,Go,Go!”
One was coming quick and Tyson had to do something about it. He grabbed the branch, swung from a tree, and jumped on it.  He tried to do everything he could. He kicked, scratched, bit, and swung to kill it. It wasn’t enough. Tyson had to do more. He grabbed whatever sharp object he could find and slashed its throat. After it’s throat was slashed, Tyson looked inside of it to see if anything was in there just for curiousity . He found something. A paper. It said 212 drive, Beverly Hills, California. He put the paper in his pocket and kept it because he thought maybe it will be important later. He then kept trying to kill them for hope that they will never come back later. While trying to get rid off all these things, he was exhausted. He had to get covered. He found the closest spot to hide.
“Hello?” Tyson asked, “anyone there?”
Shattering noises. Something or someone opened the door.
“Hello?” she asked. “who are you?
“My name is Tyson” Tyson said. “do you know what’s happening out there?”
“No,” she replied. “I haven’t been out there yet.”
“Are you by yourself?” Tyson asked.
“No, my sister and my dad are here.”she answered
“Okay. Let’s find them,” he replied. “What’s your name?”
“Erica,” she said
They searched the house to find them
“Erica!” screamed a voice. “Who are you talking to?”
“It’s okay dad!” Erica screamed back
They walked into the room. Jo saw Tyson, recognizing him, but ignoring it thinking it was irrelevant.
“Hello, my name is Tyson. I came in here to hide and I heard a voice.” Tyson said
“This is my sister Sophia and my dad Jo,” Erica replied
“What did I tell you about bringing in strangers?”Jo whispered.
Erica got quiet.
“Would you like something to drink?”Jo asked
Erica knew what was going to happen.
“Dad no,” Erica said
“Yes, Thank you,” Tyson responded
They walked into the kitchen.
“Here, sit down,”Jo said
Jo was waiting for a reaction.
“Ewh, this is gross,” Tyson said
Jo walked Erica down the hall.
“He would’ve liked it if he was one of us. He would’ve died if he was human. He’s something else. Keep him close to you guys. We have to figure out who he is,” Jo whispered
They went back into the kitchen. Tyson met the whole crew. Sophia, who was a very loving girl, didn’t like when things got in her way. Tyson thought of her as pretty, smart, strong,etc.. He couldn’t get enough of her. On the other hand, Jo was a very overprotective dad. He didn’t like the fact that Tyson was silly for Sophia, but he had to keep him close. Like they say, keep your friends close and your enemies the closer. Tyson told them what was happening outside. All them looked surprised, except for Jo.
“Hey, so what’s your plan for all of this?”Sophia asked
“Oh, I have a paper. Let me get it out real quick.” Tyson said
He pulled it out
“212 drive, Beverly Hills, California,” He read
“Where...did you get that?”Jo said
“I found it in one of those,”Tyson replied while pointing to one of the monsters
“I don’t think we should go there,”Jo said. “It might be dangerous.”
“No, we’re going,”Tyson replied
Fighting those monsters went like a breeze to Sophia, Jo, and Erica, but was a little hard for Tyson.
“Why is it so easy for them?” Tyson whispered to himself. “I must figure this out.”
There were more and more monsters coming at them so, causing Jo to get separated from Sophia, Tyson, and Erica.
“Look, I have to go find my dad,” Sophia said. “I can’t just leave him”
  Tyson didn’t want her to leave because he thought if she left, he would never see her again.
“We will go with you,” Tyson replied. “We will find him together.”
“No, I will make it through all of this and meet you guys there.”Sophia said
Tyson didn’t want to argue with Sophia so he went along with it. They both went their separate ways and Tyson and Erica hoped to see her again.
“Dad!” Sophia yelled. “Are you out there?”
Sophia wandered around for about 3 hours before finding her dad. She found him.
“What is he doing?” Sophia whispered
He was with other people. Sophia wondered why they looked so familiar but couldn’t get a grip on who they were.
Oh, no no no,”Sophia whispered. “I know who they are.”
They were the same..came from the same place and made her and her family what they are now...blood sucking, flesh eating monsters. They never knew the real term for what they were. Sophia listened very carefully.
“I got the boy,” Jo said
She kept listening.
“My daughters don’t know. Let’s keep it that way,” Jo said
“What,” Sophia whispered
She tried to get closer, making her trip and fall
“What was that?” Jo asked. “Catch em’!”
Sophia ran for her life, looking for Tyson and Erica. She ran and ran. She found them.
“What’s wrong?” Erica and Tyson said both at the same time
“Nothing, I couldn’t find dad,”Sophia said to Erica. “Let’s keep going. Give me the paper. I know the way.”
They set off to reach their destination. It began to get dark outside. They’ve made it to the house. The dark, depressing, scary, big house. They walked through the foresty garden. Since Erica was scared of the dark, she turned her flashlight on. Then came all the monsters. One by one the came up from the ground. Growling for their food because of their hunger. Screaming little kids running away from them, Tyson, Erica, and Sophia made it inside the house. People everywhere.
“Is that my dad?”Sophia asked
“Do you need me to bring him to you,” Jo said. “I knew he was stupid enough to follow me here.”
“What is he talking about?”Tyson whispered
They all looked at each other.
“I needed to do this. My wife died because of him. He needs to feel the pain my wife went through,”
Tyson then gets a flashback.
“Release him,”Tyson’s mom said. “See how he will interact with her.”
Tyson walks out, smells around, and looks at a lady. He starts mumbling, the lady doesn’t know what’s happening. Looks at her straight in the eye with his red, bloody, scary eyes, and jumps at her. Starts gnawing at her leg and hears screaming throughout the room. He backs away from the leg and looks around. Sees a tall, skinny guy standing there with a little brown hair, blue eyes girl. He was crying and yelling “This is not the last time you will see me!” Tyson’s parents screaming trying to put him back inside the cellar. The lady is bleeding nonstop.  Tyson comes back to modern day.
“He is doing this because of me,”Tyson whispered. “You guys need to leave right now. I will handle this.”
“No, we are in this together,”Erica whispered
Erica, Sophia, and Tyson turn back around, not seeing Jo anymore
“Where did he go?”Sophia asked
“Right here,”Jo replied
Jo has his gun up and ready to shoot. BOOM! Tyson falls to the ground
“I told you I was going to come back. I knew it was you the moment I saw you,”Jo cried
Sophia went up to Tyson crying.
“I knew,” Tyson whispered. “I knew about it all.”
“What?”Sophia cried
“I knew what you and your family were,”Tyson whispered. “Just tell me one thing. Always follow your heart.”
Tyson’s voice got fainter. He stopped breathing. Sophia kissed him.
“I will love you forever and always. I will never forget you,”Sophia whispered to Tyson
She closed his eyes. He disappeared.
“I have to do what’s right,”Sophia said
As she started to fight them, all the flesh eating monsters started getting weaker. Weaker and weaker.
“No,”Jo said. “What’s happening? Why are all them getting weaker?”
“It was Tyson,”Sophia replied. “It all makes sense now.”
“What?”Jo asked
“When I was little, I went with you and mom to a lab. I know you denied it, but I saw a little boy attack mom and you told me I was just dreaming. Tyson was the little boy. He is the one that made us like that. Remember that day, when we got back home, we weren’t feeling that good and all we wanted was meat,”Sophia rambled on
“Yes,”Jo responded
“Well Tyson made us crave meat and you trying to kill him just because he killed mom, not knowing that he was injected with all those chemicals, isn’t right,”Sophia said
“It’s his fault. He killed my wife and payed the consequence,”Jo cried
The monster started disappearing.
“You know you could’ve done something better but you didn’t. If mom was here right now, she would’ve said that everything happens for a reason and maybe it was just her time to go,”Sophia said
Jo, bawling his eyes out, finally understood and felt guilty for all the things he has done.
“Like your mom said, everything happens for a reason,”Jo replied
He picked up the gun and counted 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3. BOOM! He shot himself right in the mouth.
“Do what’s right and make sure it’s right,”Jo said as his voice was dying off. “I love you guys.”
2 months have gone by missing and loving Tyson and Jo. Sophia and Erica went to their dad’s grave everyday talking to him. One day as they were walking to their dad’s grave they saw someone there. A short, skinny, brown haired guy. He turned around.
“Tyson!”Sophia souted. “Wait, I thought you died.”
“I was never alive,”Tyson replied. When my body shut down, I disappeared, and when I woke up, I was at my parents lab. I found out that all this time I was never real. My parents made me. They always dreamed of a son but was never able to have one, hence why I’m here. I still get to grow old but I will never die, well unless my parents shut me down..for good. When I was little, my parents put lots of chemicals in me, making me start a virus, a flesh eating, blood sucking virus. When i died, all the chemicals that were put in me evaporated, making all the monsters disappear. They disappeared because I was the one who started it and was able to end it, by dying.”
Years and years went by living a happy life, Tyson and Sophia were together, had 2 cute babies, who were half human half robot, and Erica got into the college she dreamed of, but something seemed off to Tyson.

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