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LISP a League of Insignificant Super Persons

December 5, 2015
By SLkassie BRONZE, Fresno, California
SLkassie BRONZE, Fresno, California
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 Luke Ledford has always had a very unique super power, to fast walk. However, as fast walking is not generally considered one of the more prestigious powers, Luke often struggles with the need for validation. Equipped with a long lanky body and naturally awkward social skills, Luke is not a bright candidate for high school popularity either. However, when Luke stumbles upon the League of Insignificant Super Persons (LISP), he can't help but feel that he has finally found his calling. These people are literally just like him with powers that the League of Extra human Greatness and other Important Talents (LEGIT) would find too insignificant to give value.

After joining LISP  he is officially given the superhero pseudonym Luke Fastwalker. Luke soon receives his first mission and is forced to push himself both mentally and physically in order to discover the mystery behind four disappearances. Along the way he bonds with his fellow LISP members and discovers something more valuable than he could ever have imagined.

When the lives of Luke's friends and the girl that he secretly likes are in danger, he must choose to act. Will he find another way to solve the intricate puzzle in time or sacrifice his very life on behalf of his loved ones?

Skyler L.

LISP a League of Insignificant Super Persons

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