Remembering To Forget

December 19, 2014
By Martin Casas, San Diego, California
Martin Casas, San Diego, California
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    Alex is a 16 year old teen who lived in poverty in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He and his family were struggling to make ends meet and were running out of options. One day Alex's dad recieved a promotion from his work. When it seemed as if everyting was coming to an end, they were given a second chance. After various disputed arguments, they decided to move to the United States. 

    The family settled in sunny Los Angeles in which they slowly began to adapt. After a few weeks, Mark began to roam around the community. It was in the city library where he met Mark. This, was their first interaction. Alex and Mark begin talking about themselves when suddenly, Mark has to dash out of the library. He leaves his back pack and Mark decided to take it home. There, he discovers the hard truth of Mark. 

   A few months later, Alex falls into a comma which leaves him in a bad state. He suffers from memory loss in which he, yet again, meets Mark. Mark tries a diferent approach in which he explains his innocence. Alex agrees to help Mark prove his innocence which results in the arrest of a Russian spy.

Martin C.

Remembering To Forget

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