The Journey

November 2, 2014
By Andre Chu, Cupertino, California
Andre Chu, Cupertino, California
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Joe is a normal kid who lives in an unknown city off the coast of California. As Joe starts to look at his world in a whole new perspective, he sees things that he never saw before. When Joe starts his journey and uncovers a secret, his life changes in only a few seconds. Joe somehow escapes and finds a boat.

When Joe tries to sail across the Pacific Ocean to California, he faces adversity, but he perseveres through them. So in the end he has unforgettable memories and learns many life lessons when he finally makes it to Southern California. As he lives his new life and moves on from his past, he writes a story about his past. The FBI takes notice and soon comes to his house.

Joe tells them what he knows and soon they take him to the island to ultimately get rid of the population there.

Andre C.

The Journey

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