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the guardian

January 7, 2014
By musiclover759, Apopka, Florida
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musiclover759, Apopka, Florida
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Author's note: i have always loved stories of forbidden love and the novels by Lauren Kate and Becca Fitzpatrick I fell in love with the idea of angles.

I have been told that I can control my own destiny. That you always have a guardian angel watching over you. What if you had your destiny planned out and you were meant for something bigger? My name is Sophia and this is how I changed my destiny.

It was a regular Sunday. I was walking my dog Huck, a Weimaraner, but I started to notice something was off. Huck noticed also as the hair on his back was standing up. I looked around and saw nothing, I shook it off and began walking.

After a while I got the feeling that someone was watching me. I looked around again and I saw someone hiding behind a tree. All I could see was bright red eyes. I started to lose feeling in my legs. I began to lose control of Huck as he started to pull, I lost my grip on the leash and Huck started to run toward the red eyed man.

I started to scream for him to come back. I ran after him as I heard him growling, then I heard a yelp. I stopped where I was as the tears began to fall. I ran faster begging praying for him to be okay.

When I saw Huck on the ground not moving the tears kept falling. I got down on my knees, I looked over him to see if he was breathing and had any marks or gashes or bleeding anywhere, I came to see he had a broken leg. I looked around to see if the red eyed man was still around but he was nowhere to be seen. I looked down at Huck and I tried to calm him down by petting him and telling him “Its ok boy, you did a great job you were very brave.” I smiled at his tail started to wag. “Since his leg is broken he can’t walk and the clinic is not that far I guess I can carry him.” I thought to myself. So I picked him up and walked him to the clinic.

After about a half mile of constant breaks I laid Huck down and I sat down trying to catch my breath. After a minute or two a black Ford F-150 pulled up. A guy rolled down his window and asked “Do you need a lift?” The guy was lean, well built, looks to be around the same age as me, tall, has short blond hair, and vibrant baby blue eyes. I stood up without a second thought and nodded my head as I bend down to pick up Huck. The guy gets out of his truck and helps me carry Huck to the bed of the truck and helped me put Huck in the back of the truck. He looks at me and asks “Where to?” I reply back saying “Southern Animal Clinic” as I get in the back with Huck. The guy closes the bed, gets in the truck and opens the back window. I look down at Huck as he rests his head on my lap I smile and pet his head.
After about ten minutes we pulled up to the clinic. I looked in the window and I saw my dark brown hair sticking up in different directions, I quickly took a hair tie off my wrist and put my hair into a high ponytail. The guy got out of his truck and walked to the end of the bed. I looked at him and I said “I never got a name.” he opened the bed door and said “Alexander but I like to be called Alex.” He looked at me and asked “What about you and the dog, what are your names?” I looked at him and said “My name is Sophia and this is Huck.” I stood up then bends down to pick up Huck and carried him to Alex. Huck started to whimper as he saw the clinic. I gave Huck to Alex as I got down and tried to calm down Huck.
I walked into the clinic and walked up to the male receptionist and said “Hey Austin is it slow today” he nodded and asked “What happened?” I looked at him and said “I think my dog broke his leg can I take him in the back and get the vet to take a look at him.” He nodded and called for a vet tech. I looked at Alex and asked “Can you put him down for a minute?” he nodded and puts Huck down on the floor. Huck stood up but carried his leg I walked to the counter and got a treat, Huck started wagging his tail and barked wanting the tiny biscuit, I gave it to him and scratched him behind the ear. I started walking towards the back and Huck slowly follows, I turn back to Alex and asked “Are you coming?” he thinks for a minute and nodded his head and started to walk towards the back.
As we got to the back Alex and I picked up Huck and puts him on the examination table. Alex looked at me and asked “Why was it so easy for you to walk in?” I don’t look at him and focuses on Huck and said “I work here, they have good people here.” After a minute a vet tech named Jess came in with a clipboard and saw Huck and started to baby talk to him and said “Aw what happened to the poor baby?” Huck started to growl but Jess ignored and kept talking “He is just adorable” I walked up to her and said Jess I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” She looked at me and said “Why not?” turned to him and said “He looks like he won’t hurt a fly” as soon as she finished the sentence Huck turned his head and snapped at her as she jumped and dropped her clipboard. I smiled and said “That’s why” she bent down to pick up the clipboard looked up and noticed Alex. She smiled and flipped her hair giggled and said “Hello I’m Jess and you are?” Alex looked at her and rolled his eyes, paid attention to the wall and said “Not interested”. I started to get frustrated, took the clipboard away from jess and started to fill everything out as Jess walked away to a corner her face red, cheeks puffed out and her arms crossed. I smiled and finished filling out everything and waited till Dr. Garver came.
Ten minutes later a women with long blond hair pulled back in to a pony tail wearing a long white lab coat walked in. I walked up to her gave her the clipboard and said “Good morning Dr.” she looked at me and said “Morning Sophia” she looked over at Jess then looked at me with a questioning look. I looked at Jess then back at the vet “She was being an airhead again” she smiled and tried not to laugh as you hear Jess make a “humph” sound. Dr. Garver looked at the clipboard and asked “What happened to Huckleberry?” I looked at Huck and pet his head and said “I think he broke his leg but I’m not sure.” She looked at Huck and said “We would need to take x-rays to check though” I nodded and sat on a chair next to the examination table. She took Huck to the back room and called for Jess to come along, Jess shot up and ran after the vet.
I bent over and put my face in my hands thinking “It’s all my fault I should have had a better grip on the leash” as the tears started to fall again. I felt a hand on my back I jumped and looked to see Alex trying to calm me down I smiled and said “Thanks” he sat down next to me and asked “For what?” I shake my head and said “I don’t even know you and you helped me get my dog all the way here and you still stay... Why” he looked away for a moment thinking for a good reason. He looked back at me and said “I saw a person and need and I wanted to help” I looked down smiling as he asked “What really happened though” I looked at him and said “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you” he smirked and said “Try me”.

I took a deep breath and said “ I was walking him like I always do and I felt someone staring at me” he gave me a nod saying go on “ And I started to look around and I saw a man standing behind a tree with bright red eyes.” He looked at me surprised and asked “What happened next?” I took another deep breath and said “Huck saw the man to he ran after him and I lost my grip on the leash and the next thing I know I hear him crying and I ran to him” I looked at Alex and he starts to rub my back trying to get me to tell him more “I ran after him and when I got there I saw Huck on the ground and the red eyed man gone without a trace.” Alex looked at me with a straight face and I looked back down saying “You think I’m insane don’t you” as he said “No I don’t, I think you believe that’s what you saw but you don’t know if you believe it yourself.”
I looked at him in disbelief and I asked “Why don’t you think I’m insane?” he replies saying “Because the eyes sees only what the mind prepare to comprehend”. I looked at him and smiled “I never thought of you as a philosophy kind of guy” I said he smiled and said “Well you don’t know me that’s why”. I start to stare into his blue eyes and started to get lost “You have really pretty eyes” I said out loud. Alex smiled and started to laugh I blushed and said “Please tell me I didn’t say that out loud” he nodded his head and said “Yes you did but I don’t mind I get it all the time” I laugh and said “Someone is a little cocky” he pretended to be offended “No I am not, I just know I am nice to look at” I rest my head on my hand and said “You just proved my point” Alex leaned back in his seat and said “Smart alack” I smile and said “And proud of it”.
After a thirty minutes of waiting still nothing about the news of Huck I start to get worried. My phone starts to ring “I forgot I had my phone why didn’t I think to call anyone for help” I thought. I pick of the phone and said “Hello” all you hear is “Where are you?!?!?! I have been waiting at your house for an hour!!” Alex looks at me with a questioning look I look away “Oh hey Olivia how have you been?” I said sarcastically. “How have I been? I have been waiting for you to come back home because we have the gym and you know how Brian gets when we miss a session” I slapped my forehead and said “I forgot but I’m kind of busy right now” I could hear Olivia’s curiosity rising “What do you mean you are busy? Are you with someone? Is everything alright? What’s going on? Is he cute?” she started asking nonstop not taking a second to breathe. I looked at Alex and he is leaned back in his chair enjoying the questions Olivia is asking. I blush and said “I will call you back” all you hear is Olivia saying “Wait what about-“I hung up the phone before she could finish.
Alex starts to grin as he asked “So this guy you are with is he cute” I smiled and said “I don’t know I will let you know when I see him” he looked at me and said “Got shot down that doesn’t happen too often” I laugh and said “Stick around and it might happen more often”. He smiled and said“ I might just take you up on that offer, so what did your friend mean by you have the gym” I looked at him with a questioning look wonder if I should say “I do Mixed Martial Art” I told him and he asked “Is there a reason why you do something like that?” I bring my knees to my chest and wrap my arms around my legs.
I was twelve years old when a man in a black cloak came thru the window late in the night. He walked up to me and put his hand over my mouth, I tried to scream but no sound came out. His face covered by the cloak I couldn’t see anything. He picked me up and carried me out the window I screamed and screamed but still no one heard. I thrashed around I kicked and I hit but nothing would work the man didn’t let go. I bite his arm begging, hoping that he would let go and someone would save me. I bite down harder until I tasted an iron liquid in my mouth, the man yelped out in pain, he dropped me and I ran. I ran as fast as I could I turned around and the man was right behind me I kept running until I tripped and I fell to the ground. The man rose his hand preparing to hit me, I raised my hand trying to block the blow. Then there was a bright light, I closed my eyes not knowing what is to come, but nothing happened. I opened my eyes to see the man in the cloak gone and the bright light vanished. I looked around and I was all alone, I stood up and ran back home.
*End of Flashback*
I shook my head out of a trance and looked at Alex and said “Just something I thought I would try out and I ended up loving it.” He looked at me wondering and said “alright”. The next minute Dr. Garver walked in with Huck, he had a blue cast on. I got up and walked up to him pet his head and looked at Dr. Garver “He does have a broken leg, just keep him off it for the next few weeks and give him these” she handed me a bottle of pills. I took them “Thank you Dr. Garver you are the best” I said with glee. She gave me the leash as she said “Don’t worry about paying for this, consider it as a thank you” I smiled and walked out with Huck and Alex right behind me.
As we walk out of the clinic Alex turn toward me and said “Let me give you a ride home” I looked at him questioning if I should. “Why would I do that?” I asked he leaned against his truck and said “I drove you here, I stayed with you, and I haven’t done anything to you to harm you in any way” I looked at Huck and then at Alex and said “Fine but no funny business” he smiled as I walked around the truck. After a few minutes of getting Huck in the truck we finally pull out of the clinic and drove to my house.
It took about ten minutes to drive to my house. I took a deep breath and looked at Alex and said “Thank you for the ride and for helping me” he looked at me and said “No problem I am always happy to help and damsel in distress” I rolled my eyes and got out of the truck Huck right along with me I shut the door, waved good bye and started toward walk to the house thinking that I will never see him again.

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