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One Bullet: Enter the Morag (Part 2)

May 31, 2013
By SunGlassWolf13, Nooksack/Everson Wa, Washington
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SunGlassWolf13, Nooksack/Everson Wa, Washington
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The metal door opened with a slight creek. Three men walked into the room. The third man’s right eye was lit up with a light purplish glow. There was a giant computer with cameras and a chair that was highlighted around it. The first of the three men hurried and fired three shots at the head of the chair and it spun around.

I cursed angrily as the chair spun around revealing a manikin holding an AK-47 sat in the chair instead of Morag. A voice recording played over the intercoms of the building. You really thought that you had found me, well did ya? You really believed that your family was going to be safe? You think you’re a hero, Doc? Well now, shall we test that? Just then I heard a click, the AK-47 that rested in the manikin’s hand sprayed a stream of bullets at Fish. Before I could push him out of the way, his body was quite literary blow away. Blood flew everywhere and he fell back on the hard ground.
The stream of bullets where replaced by clicks as the gun was out of ammo. “Fish!” I shouted and ran up to him, grabbing my medical kit. He was gasping for air and finally made out 5 words. “Get…..that……..son…….of…..a……” He stopped breathing and died a line of bullet holes grazed across his chest. Boulder ran up next to me. “Oh my god, he’s dead!” I looked at him and slapped him on the back “Then you have just inherited his duty of team captain.” Boulder look at me then nodded, “Grab his body Doc, we are leaving”. I nodded and hung Fish’s body over my shoulder.
We ran through the blown out door, I made sure to pick up Coal’s body as well. Boulder stopped and talked into his Walkie-Talkie. “Vulture, bring the Humvee up, tell the others to follow you.” I guess that he responded with a “Roger” because in the distance I heard a low humming noise. Suddenly a shot was fired; a group of five men came over a dune. “CONTACT LEFT” I shouted and I ran behind the right wall of the stronghold. Boulder joined me, but suddenly the gun shots stopped. Something was wrong; I could feel it in my gut. I turned my head around the wall. The lead man was talking on a cell phone. A flash of excitement hit me as I heard the shots of a Humvee’s turrets.
Each of the five men fell as they were tagged, one by one. The excitement turned to fear as a jet flew overhead. Two missiles hit two of the Humvees; Vulture’s Humvee drove forward, it was just missed. He pulled up right by us. I jumped in and set the two bodies in back. Boulder sat down next to me. “Up on the turret Doc, I got to fill Vulture in.” I nodded and got up on to it. The jet came back and I watched as the stronghold was turned to ash. Three helicopters came up out of nowhere.

I began to shoot at them but I was a bit too late. One missile hit right next to the Humvee. I got down and pushed Boulder out, then shouted to Vulture, quoting my old friend Mirage. “WE NEED TO BAIL NOW!” He jumped out. We hit the sand and rolled over, watching as our Humvee tumbled into a ravine. The helicopters landed and men walked out. Vulture and Boulder where lying on the ground, completely unconscious. I myself was starting to fade out. My eye was flickering from on to off and back again. I growled with rage a made a fist, throwing it at the nearest man. A lean man came out with a handheld stun gun and shocked me in the neck. I fell over, vision finally fading to darkness.

My eye was flickering on and off when I came to. A guard came over and adjusted it. From what I we were in a van. It was dark and the only pools of light that sank in where from bullet holes. I tried to shift my hands, but I was held back by metal restraints on my arms. There was a single guard sitting a across from me. He was holding an AK-47, pointing it straight at my chest. “Greetings Jared “Doc” Kerr, you are being transported to Morag’s main base for execution, on the ride there, feel free to think of you last words when he puts a bullet through your skull.” I leaned back, trying to think of the things I’ve wanted to do with my family.
Suddenly I was pricked in the back. Cursing, I tured around and found a sharp piece of bent up metal. I looked at the guard who was turned around, talking to whoever was in front. Rubbing my thumb against the handcuffs, I noticed that they had been used for years. As a result, the metal was rusted and worn down. Don’t do it don’t do it don’t do it, my mind was screaming at me. Although me gut was screaming, it’s your only chance, do it! I closed my good eye and prayed. This was going to be bad. I lifted my arms up and dropped it fast. The next few seconds were like a spy movie. All I needed was the Mission Impossible theme.
The rusted chain that held the two shackles together snapped with a loud clang on the sharp bit of metal. The guard started shouting and picked up his gun. I propelled myself forward, grabbing the guy by the head. I twisted his head and broke his neck. I caught the machine gun before it hit the ground. I made my eye target the lock on the back of the van. A quick shot was fired and the men in front started shouting.
The back two doors where swinging open like ambulance doors. I quickly slung the machine gun over my shoulder and climbed to the top of the car. It was hot on the roof but luckily I was able to hold on. I had fought Lobo over a Clift and Manger over a jet’s back, so I had some practice. I looked around me; to the front of my van were two others. A large swat looking van leaded the whole pack. I quickly tried to calculate the distance between me and the other van. Just then, the three vans went over a long wooden bridge.
I backed up and leaped, rolling over the van. I stopped on the roof of the second car. “Huh, just like Indiana Jon…..”I was cut short by a pistol shot the barely hit me in the other eye. I was not going through that again. The two men in the front of the third car where shouting to each other, the one in the passenger’s seat carried the pistol and the other nodded and smiled. I noticed that the man in the passenger’s seat grabbed an Ak-47 and kicked out the window aiming it at me. I quickly tried to pull my gun out, but the man shot me in the arm. I fell but grabbed on to the side of the car. My bleeding arm made it hard to hold on and if I fell now, it would be over. I put all my strength into my upper body and arms and pushed myself onto the roof again. The man started firing again, but this time I had grabbed my gun. I cocked it and sent a stream of bullets across the windshield. The two men jolted back in their seats as their lives were stopped. The truck swerved as it tumbled off the bridge.

I watched as the van went over the bridge. My eye highlighted the bullet that was in my shoulder. I pulled it out and tossed it over the edge. I ripped of some cloth from my shirt and wrapped it around the wound to stop the bleeding. Suddenly I heard a large boom in the distance. The van that I sent tumbling over the bridge had just hit the ground. I look ahead as we were approaching the end of the bridge, to a large stone building up on a hill. That must be Morag’s main headquarters; I thought to myself as it became bigger with every inch we took closer. Katie, Valken, I’m coming.
Suddenly the whole bridge started rocking. I looked down; a stabbing feeling of icy fear struck me. The wreckage of the truck that I sent spiraling off the bridge had just broken some of the bridge’s supports; the whole thing would come down. I had to think quick or I was going to be killed! Quickly I jumped through the back doors of the car I was in. I shot the guard and hit the deck. In the car with me was Vulture and Boulder. I signaled for them to get down.
I felt the car jolt as it fell from the bridge. I held on to the seat, Vulture and Boulder did the same. Then, we bailed out, hitting the soft sand with a thud. I groaned with pain and rolled over on my side. Boulder got up and walked over to the wreckage of the van. He grabbed an Ak-47 off of the front and reloaded with some ammo he found. “Where is Vulture?” I reloaded mine as well. Inside the wreckage, Vulture laid there still. His foot had caught on the door, so he could not jump out. I walked over and checked his pulse.
I sighed, there was no pulse, no breathing, no heartbeat, he was dead. I made a fist and grinded my teeth. Morag had taken away to many people and things that I know. Mirage, Coal, Fish, my eye, and now he has taken Vulture. “It’s his turn now” I said, closing Vulture’s eyes. Boulder walked over to me and nudged me in the shoulder, “He will be missed, do you mind checking out the third van.”
I had been busy thinking that I did not notice that the third car had landed. I walked up to it with my gun pointed at it. It was not a wreck like the others, and there was a bunch of rustling. Suddenly two armored guards with knifes in their throats where thrown out of the back doors. A man with a bag over his head jumped out. He kicked me over and held a pistol to my head. “WHERE AM I?” He shouted, placing his finger on the trigger. “WHERE AM I?” I realized who this man was, “Joshua?”
“Jared?” He got up and threw the gun away “is that you?” I unlocked his shackles. He ripped off the bag, there stood Ghost. He was soaked with blood and sweat. “What happened?” I said, trying to wrap my brain around this situation. He sat down and started speaking, “Well just after you left, I began working to try and rebuild Point Kelvin, it was normal. That was until a giant black helicopter flew over the base and started killing more of our men. I fought back, but I was knocked out. Next thing I know, I’m here.” I nodded and looked up towards Morag’s stronghold. “Let’s get the man who started this all shall we?”

We began the walk towards Morag’s fortress. The bridge fully collapsed, so there was no chance of him calling for reinforcements, unless it was from the air. What we really had to watch for was this giant helicopter that Ghost talked about. I looked up; this was going to be a long climb. We began the climb up to Morag’s command center. Stepping off the ground, Ghost went up first, and then Boulder, I and was holding up the back. I cursed in pain, the rocks where jagged and sharp. This was going to be difficult.
An hour had passed; we were about halfway up the side out of the mountain. Sweat dripped down my face, there was no end on how painful this was. First of all, we had no ropes, so we were basically hanging on for dear lives. Our hands were bruised, scarred and bleeding. Second, we were carrying guns. They hung on straps that we slung over our shoulders, weighing us down. The worst was that clouds started to form and rain came down. Funny, the one time it rains in this place and we are climbing a slippery mountain. I thought to myself as I continued the climb.
We finally made it to the top. I leaned up against a large stone wall. Ghost looked at me and then to Boulder. “Well men we did it, we will go in there, and we will kill Morag and hopefully get home alive.” I and Bolder stood next to each other; Ghost was directly in front of us, walking back and forth like some sort of drill sergeant. “Now, the target in this building, as you may already know, is Morag. He has killed far too many men to be kept alive, he has betrayed his army and his country, Doc is now a freak thanks to him.” He looked at me, he said nothing but he seemed to be giving a no offence sort of look.
He continued on with his speech, giving a battle plan. “Alright, let’s go over this one more time. All three of us are going to enter through the front gate and combat anything that stands in our way. Once we get to the main tower, Boulder will stay down and cover us from below. Doc, you and I will head up to face Morag, but you need to find him first” I nodded “alright men, for god and country, lets end Morag’s life!” He held his fist high in the air. Bolder and I raised our fist into the air and shouted, “YES SIR!”

Ghost nodded to me, gesturing to hack the cameras and find Morag. While searching through the files I noticed something, each of the 4 cameras had one number on the screen. It was a code; I could tell by the way it was laid out. The first camera had a giant K. The second camera had a 3; the next two had 7’s on it. I set my eye to the code. A little message popped up saying, “K377 access code confirmed, uploading video footage now”.
The video started up, a small light was hard to make out, because of the staticy perception. Thankfully I was able to adjust the video. The small light highlighted Katie and Valken, either asleep, or knocked out, I could not tell. Katie looked like she had been hit over and over again. Valken had whip marks all across his arms and from what I could tell, their shirts where stained with sweat, tears, and blood. Suddenly a man walked in, I clenched my fist once I realized who it was.
Adam “Morag” Mcfly. I hated the even though of him, let alone see him. He was a tall and thin man. His jet black hair covered his face, although I could see he was smiling. He wore a grey shirt, covered by a black jacket. On the left side of the inside of his jacket, he carried a whole bunch of knives. On the other side, twin pure black revolvers where laying in the shape of an X. He looked at the camera; his green eyes seemed to pierce my eye like the bullet that removed it.
“Well hello there Doc, sorry about the trouble you had to go through. As you can see, your family is fine, for now. After all the stuff you had to go through to get here, I’m going to be generous. I’m in the main tower, if you want to kill me, then come on up and do it, I’ll be waiting.” He smirked, pulling out a revolver out and shooting the lens, causing them to go to static. I growled, hitting the wall. I turned to Ghost, who was filling Boulder in on what had happened so far. “Morag is in the main tower, but he knows that we are here.” Ghost nodded and gestured to head to the end of the wall. I zoomed in, two guards stood there. I took out my knife and Ghost took out his. We snuck up behind them, jumping forward and slitting their throats. I caught one gun while Ghost caught the other. He nodded to me and nodded his head towards the door. I smiled, “Let’s do this.”
I kicked the door open. Men from all over the courtyard turned their heads and raised their guns. Ghost and I ducked behind the walls of the fortress entrance. Bullets shot by us, one nearly hitting my shoulder. I turned and fired a couple shots, missing each one. I looked at Ghost; we both could tell this was not getting us anywhere. I counted to three and ran as fast as I could, Ghost right beside me. I could hear the bullets as they zoomed by my head. I rolled behind cover, waiting for some gunshots to cool down before firing again. Aiming over the side, I tagged three men in the chest. Suddenly an explosion went off. I turned around the corner, as and RPG round sailed right over my head. I looked to Ghost, who kept firing. “RPG, GET DOWN!”
We both hit the door as yet another round came by, blasting my cover to smitherings. I took the chance, running towards the RPG’s tower. I opened fire, tagging the man in the head. I dropped my gun as it was out of ammo. I looked around, my triangles highlighting everybody that scattered the courtyard. My eye shifted towards the main tower. I scanned it, searching for Morag. My eye flashed, getting a picture of three skeletons. One was thin and it looked like he was carrying knives, Morag. The other two were tied up and their vital signs where low, Katie and Valken. Ghost reloaded his gun, tossing me an Ak-47.

After a long climb, we finally reached the doors. I reloaded my weapon, just in case. I carefully opened it, signaling for Ghost to stand watch at the door. He nodded, closing it slowly. The room was dark; the only light illuminated a bed. Katie and Valken where sitting there, tied up back to back. My heart filled with relief to see them alive. I hurried over to them, bringing out my knife. Katie woke up, smiling. Valken also woke up, but he had fear on his face. Suddenly he shouted, “DAD BEHIND YOU!”
I turned around too late, Morag came at me. He kicked me in the chest, sending me flying towards a wall. I slammed into it, wind knocked outta me. Ghost turned around, “Doc!” He ran pointing his gun at Morag. “Down boy” Morag sneered as he tossed a knife, hitting Ghost in the gut. Ghost gasped in pain and fell over. Growling, I charged at Morag. He simply, stuck out his leg, making me trip. He pulled out his revolvers and began firing; I rolled away, dodging the incoming rounds.
“Ya can’t run forever, Kerr.” I hid, pulling a suppressed pistol out. I had found this on the way up. I began loading it up, cocking it. I looked around the corner aiming towards Morag’s head. I pulled the trigger; he flew back grabbing his eye in pain. I walked up to him, my gun trained on him. He got up and punched me towards a pillar; I hit it and landed right next to the bed that held Katie and Valken. I lay there, coughing. Suddenly I heard Valken behind me. “Come on Dad, kill him!” Morag was walking slowly towards me, holding one of his black revolvers. The part I had blasted away revealed a robotic eye like mine. He tore the rest of his face off to revel that half of his real face was covered in robotics, almost like the terminator.
“Ya see, before you sent Manger to the bottom of the sea, I had him fixed up. In return, he upgraded me. So my eye is more powerful than yours.” I gathered up all my remaining will and charged at him. As soon as I reached him, he sidestepped. Then he kicked me, sending me flying through the doors to the balcony, and taking away what was left of my energy. I lay there, bleeding from the mouth. My eye started to go dim until it faded out, shutting down for good. My good eye watched as Morag came up to me, pointing his gun directly at my face. “Ya see Kerr, I won. You tried your best to kill me, and lost, and now I will send you to where you sent Lobo and Manger. Imma blow a hole in your good eye, and this time I will kill you.”
I closed my eye; I felt the end of the gun sticking into the side of my head. The bullet would enter through my skull, and right through my brain. I spit some blood and said my last words “Do it then, it only takes one bullet.” He chuckled, cocking back the gun. Suddenly I heard a voice. “MORAG” I opened my eyes to see Ghost, knife in gut and bleeding, walk out, he coughing out some blood, “GO TO HELL!” He suddenly charged at Morag, ripping out the knife and throwing it on the ground. Morag aimed at him and fired, tagging him in the head. Ghost died instantly, but his body was flown forwards, hitting Morag. Both men flew over the edge of the balcony. I heard Morag’s screaming and a thud, then everything went black.

The author's comments:
Thats's All Folks! Please tell me what you think Do you like it? DO you hate it? Want to make a cameo in the next series? Do you want a new series? I will answer all questions and comments.

When I woke up, I was inside the compound. Katie and Valken were untied and Boulder was standing there with 15 other soldiers. Katie and Valken came running up to me. Katie and I shared a quick kiss before Valken came and hugged me. He was crying, and I couldn’t blame him. I looked at Boulder, “So is the base secured?” He nodded, “Where is General Melzark?” I shook my head, “He saved me and killed Morag, but he couldn’t save himself.” He bowed his head, “Morag has yet again taken another life, but this time, he paid for it.” I shook my head again, “The real Morag died when he betrayed us.”
We were loaded up onto three helicopters; Boulder thought it would be best for us to separate, just in case my eye was leaking chemicals. I sat in the helicopter, relieved. Morag was dead, my family was safe and now I could go home and leave this life behind. Suddenly I heard rooters start up. I looked out of the open side hatch. A huge jet black helicopter came out from over the base. I was amazed; the heli was bigger than three Blackhawks lined up together. As it turned to face Katie’s heli, a golden name stated that it was called the “BlackEagle” It fired a missile, hitting Katie’s helicopter. “No, it can’t be!” I shouted as Katie’s heli went down, exploding and killing Katie. “NO!” I shouted, almost wanting to jump out. Three men held me back. I was fighting back tears.
The heli went towards us, readying another missile. Men got on to the turrets and began firing at it. The bullets seemed to bounce off, no damage was present. “What the…” I said, jaw dropping. “Manger really outdid himself.” I pulled out my pistol, checking the rounds. I only had one shot left. I aimed, towards the window of the heli. The heli covered up the windshield with a bullet proof seal every time if reloaded. The seal came up and the missile took aim. It fired.
I cocked back the gun and pulled the trigger. The bullet went right past the missile and through the unprotected windshield. The people on the turrets shot the missile. It exploded, barely missing us.
The heli went down, crashing into the base. The base began to collapse, becoming rubble and destroying the remaining forces of the Scorpios. I lie down, ready to die. My wife was dead and so far I could only see from one eye. I passed out, hoping that I would die in my sleep. When I woke up, I was at Point Kelvin. People were celebrating. I stepped out of the chopper, looking around. People were cheering, holding up signs, “Morag is dead, down with the butcher”. I walked out, people cheering around me. I walked up to a podium, where President Author stood. “We are here to celebrate the death of Adam “Morag” Mcfly. He murdered countless men and betrayed us all. I wish to award Eric “Boulder” Santiago the rank of general for his hard work and bravery. Finally, we come to Jared “Doc” Kerr.”
“This medic has fought tooth and claw with Morag. He has lost an eye, but gained a will, and our respect. We award him with ride home and a paid eye replacement surgery and a…” I stopped him. “That’s all I want thank you.” He nodded, and began speaking to others. I looked at Valken, who held my hand as we walked to the heli. This was where my life as a solider ended and my life as a father began.

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