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The birth of a superior being

April 26, 2013
By ArielGomez1995, Lady Lake, Florida
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ArielGomez1995, Lady Lake, Florida
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Author's note: My friend sarek payne helped me through hard times so he is the guy named draco in this story i am the girl named lyla.

This story came to me through reading so many vampire related books. The charcters were inspired by some of the real people in my life . Lyla is me in character form and Draco is my best guy friend who moved away , the kids are just my imagination of course. My best guy friend is always there for me it really inspired me to write this story if I get this published I dedicate this to my friend Sarek payne thanks for being there for me.

Remember when we were kids and all we wanted to find was that one guy .The one who will hold you tight when you’re scared and just needing to be held. Also the one instead of wanting something all the time asks what you want instead. We all want that type of guy but their hard to find.

The guy I’m dating now is over protective, I feel like I’m being treated like property. The sad thing was all my friends saw the way I was being treated. If I ever had kids my affairs would be left to them. Hey why not leave the house to me and why give everything to those brats that may or may not come. Well love because you and I will die before they do. Plus you kind of make me want to hit you a lot. Why you little b**** I gave you everything you have.

Now my life was never simple I was born on a sunny Wednesday morning. My parents were the first thing I saw. Bunny looks at her cute chubby little cheeks she looks just like you. Remember looking up my father said but she has a smile like her mothers and kissed her tulip colored lips. The truth is my mom had the habit of wearing make up in any situation. The thing was I was born with my stomach and intestines on the outside of my body. That condition made me stay in the hospital six weeks after I was born.

After six weeks my parents brought me home I remember every one of their arguments. For example Hun when you pick her up every time she cries you is babying her. No I am not she is only a few months old. She has to be babied she is a baby num nuts! Those arguments went on and my mother got abused. She got thrown and broke many bones just for the love of that man.

Now seventeen years late I am a vampire and I am happily married. My old name was Rayhela Cortez now it is and always will be Rayhela Moriority; my husband’s name is Darek Moriority. We had a simple wedding with very few people that is the way we wanted it.

The wedding night was February fourteenth two thousand fifteen. Placing was at the graveyard just a few miles away from my house, everything was lovely. Victorian is the theme we had, my wedding dress was s black and red with small ruffles. Hall way was decorated with gothic pillars and my father was dress in black and red as well.

Now the service starts and my nerves rack up a storm. When I walk down the aisle smiling as I see the person I am going to spend the rest of my life with. Do you Rayhela Cortez take Darek Moriority to be your lawfully wedded husband through sickness and health and so forth?, I do . Do you Darek Moriority take Rayhela Cortez to be your lawfully wedded wife through sickness and health and so forth? I do, I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. . Moriority.

Little did I know he was a vampire and tonight would be my turning night? As we lay in bed he nuzzles his cold wet lips into my neck. Then I felt him bite and I cringed as I felt venom like feeling course through my veins. Baby what is that feeling coursing through me, love I am a vampire, right now there is venom coursing through your veins and after the complete change you will crave blood and hate sunlight, for you will burn if it touches you.

Now my new life begins I crave blood all the time. The worst part about this was that I am going to school as a full time law student. So when someone is bleeding I have to walk out and pretend I am sick. Rayhela present your side of the case, the judge said as she accidently cut herself with a piece paper. When she did that I ran out of the room and bit my arm grasping every flowing drop of blood in my hungry mouth.

Now I am eight months pregnant and try to hide it but that doesn’t go to well and does not last. Kitty why do you have a pregnancy test in the trash. Love I am pregnant and the babies are due in a month maybe, I said this as my water broke and the amniotic fluid slid onto the slippery tile floor. You ass I screamed as I was giving birth to a set of triplets. Let’s just say you wanted this as well as I did my beautiful wife and mother to be. When the birthing process was over I was happy when all three babies were out.

After the babies were born I could tell they had their father’s looks, yet honey they had your smile and eyes, hey you don’t interrupt my story. As I was saying they had their fathers looks brown hair, brown eyes and those cute chubby little cheeks. The only thing was is that I knew they were going to have problems when they got hungry after all they are vampires.

When the babies ate we had to take small amounts of blood put it in a bottle and feed it to them. They seemed to be hungry a lot within two days they looked as old as three year old child. We always know when they start to grow they become allergic to sunlight and tend to stay inside a lot more than usual. The boy’s names are Darek Moriority Jr, Draco Moriority, and Dranzo Moriority.
Singing was Draco’s specialty he loved to sing his voice was like an angels. Dranzo was an excellent guitar player he already knew how to play Folsom prison blues by Johnny Cash that song is the hardest song to play said Dranzo. Darek loved to play the drums and the three boys were a band called Acid rain.

Acid rain a family owned business and a family band is a worldwide known band. Their mother Rayhela Moriority and their father Darek Moriority are their managers and help them think of ideas for their songs. They also manage the bands funds and do the cover art instead of having to pay someone else to do it for them. Their mother sits on the computer for hours editing pictures and putting together collages for their cover art and edits their music to add in additional sounds such as the beat for their music.

I remember when I was younger my brothers Darek and Dranzo wanted to be in a band, I decided to give it a try with them. We did not know though that one of the biggest recording artist was sitting not even three houses down from us and would hear us play every day. Finally he came down to our house and asked us if we would record a song for him. The song we picked to record for him and get published was Blue Moon, it was about a group of friends who were like brothers and they fell in love with girls who turned their life around.

Several years later all the brothers were married and having babies of their own, the only thing was that Draco had married a liken. Now Draco knew that marriages like this were frowned upon and that their baby could be the superior being. Lyla Moriority his new wife said, “I will fight for my family, you try to take away my baby I will kill you or die in the process of trying to save her.

The words that were said by Lyla were stricken strongly into Draco’s heart. Realizing that she would not give up the baby, even if it meant her getting destroyed in the process. It reminded him of when he was a baby and his mom died at the hands of Ivan Lithium also known as the destroyer of families.

As the legend goes Ivan Lithium was a destroyer of families for many reasons. It was said that whoever owed a debt to him would not go unpunished if the debt was neither paid or it was paid late. Well Dareks parents met their fate at Lithium’s hands because they were so greedy that they decided they would not pay back what they owed. Well said Darek they didn’t expect to get away with it with a person called the destroyer of families.

My husband grew up around two sisters and a dad he had a mom but she was a rather far distance and wanted nothing to do with him. When he was seventeen and eighteen he was moved twice, once from ST. Augustine then to Jacksonville, it took him awhile to settle down or be comfortable anywhere fearing he would move again. The truth is that his sisters lived with his mom and he rarely saw them , always missing them he visited them often.

Draco realized that weither he lost his wife or not was not an option . The many times they talked about life or death situations ran through his mind . Not realizing what was running through his mind Lyla still carried on saying I will die for my babies baby if I have to they will not destroy what I love, it was killing Draco deeply inside to see her like this.

The Silent Demons were on their way and ready to destroy their new liken and vampire child . They rushed through the town and crashed through places trying to find that child.The silent demons were like the head vampire leauge , “ why draco ever married a liken bewilders me ,” said Ivan the Terrible the leader of the group. “ Many people said he married her because he was to bare his child,” said Craytorin Lylas recent son.

The thing was that Lyla was a half liken and vampire let me tell you what happened. Her Father was liken and her mother was vampire so lyla craved blood most the time. The day of lylas birth she almost destroyed a whole colony , so the silent demons decided then that they would make a law that no more of her kind would be born and she was not allowed to breed.

When the demons came they were in for a surprise Lyla already moved the baby and was prepared to fight. The fight began Lyla Threw a punch “ what is wrong with you just give the baby up,” “ Not on my life that baby is more protected in my care then dead with you .” So at the end of the fight all The silent Demons were slaughtered in this fight .

Lyla kept the baby and raised it on a farm in the middle of San Juan
Texas. Cradeylo Moriarity was kept inside till night and fed through animals blood. Cradeylo left home years later and stayed away from his family for years. Never to retrurn Craydelo lived his life out with his eighteen kids and wife, working as a lonley stock broker who ran his own buisness,

When their life together began lyla didn’t realize many flaws in draco. Although as the years went by she began to realize his thirst for blood. When she realized this she payed close attention to the kids to see any strange marks. Although nothing happened she took the kids on a long trip to Italy, when the kids got there they had a ball at the playgrounds of a different country. Although they were immortal they learned to be like other humans they first visited the leaning tower of pisa.

When they visited this place people stared at them because of the color of their skin they were a very pale white, rumors started saying im surprised they don’t burn in the sun one man had said.After someone had said that her children looked weird and akward, lyla immediately snapped and drank the civilians dry. Then she realized what she had done then took her children and hid underground so as no one were to see them.

When their father saw Lyla parading herself and her species all over the telivision he snapped and picked up his phone. Hun don’t were hiding under ground and the moment you come they will know we are not the only ones of our kind . Then why did you expose our kind all over now our secrets out and they will hunt us for as long as we live and we will never be safe! I think its time we take the kids to a safer place , like a graveyard or a greece collesium . Alright anything to keep the kids safe it seems like mayhem out here already the news says we are monsters , I was really just defending our kids they would do the same if they were us.

Now we see the Morioritys’ in the greek colleseum where Caesar was murderd because about sixty Roman senators . They said that he had betrayed them and was trying to overthrow the senator in favor of tyranny. Well vampires go there to make sacrafices and to find refuge from the cruelty of the Silent Demons and the unwanted stares of the human population. When the Silent Demons came to their city to execute a vampire for exposing them they all hid in this place because they wanted to live just a bit longer. All through the attempts at refuge and their success Lyla survived one more night.

As the years went on The Silent Demons announced that Lyla Moriority was not to be harmed or bothered anymore. What she did had a cause and her snapping was the effect and that the children deserved their fate. When Lyla came out of hiding months later she was starving almost to the point of dying, Draco immediately went out and got her a deer , when she got it the blood was drained dry and her thirst was quenched.

In this community there were many rules and all of them had to be followed or else you were executed. The most rule was do not expose your kind unless your family is involved in a dangerous situation , then if you do expose yourself hide and don’t come out for a year at the most . Their was a reason this was in place it was so that something would go away and the humans would forget the course of actions that were taken. The way this was done is The Silent Demons would slip a syrum that would expire in a year in the city water system and it would erase human memories, since it was for humans the vampires were immuned to it .

Now the years go bye and the Morioritys and The Silent Demons lived in harmony together . Lyla, Draco and the kids were attending the daily feeding as usual and Lylas’ kids went on to produce more little vampires to feed on the human race .

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