October 28, 2012
By locapuppy123, Unknown, North Carolina
locapuppy123, Unknown, North Carolina
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Kalai is a young fox just waiting for the day when she is to become a fox-fighter. She admires her fellow Firetribe tribemates, and they admire her because of her strength and courage. She was born on a day she remembers clearly; the day her father died. Kalai and her buddies, Ryu and Ronni, and her brother Rosxo are made fighters on a very special day; the day that the Earthtribe's falna's sister dies. This means danger to the whole forest when the fox becomes crazed and wishes to avenge her siser's death. Goldenlight, the Firetribe's falka, had done something many years before that she didn't think would hurt anyone, but now she regrets it. Is there more to Vixentail's sister;s death than meets the eye?



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