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Prometheus Thy Name is Captain

Author's note: I'm an avid reader of comic books and I've always wanted to do a superhero story. I wanted it to...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I'm an avid reader of comic books and I've always wanted to do a superhero story. I wanted it to be a comic book but couldn't find anyone who would draw this up for me. When I started this work I realized that powers don't change the person, make them angelic or evil, they only enhance who had always been there before. Whether that be a decent man or the worst villain, who knows?  « Hide author's note
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It's So Blue...

Violeta busied herself with setting the dishes. Her husband was out back, cooking the hamburgers and hotdogs. He’d returned from a business trip to Scarlet City a few days ago and was eager to go back to the grill. Their neighbor couple helped with the decoration in the living room, laughing at each others jokes. Streamers were hung above the doorway while balloons were being taped to the walls.
It was a quiet life. A happy life. No gods in the sky.
And the sky.
Scarlet City is mentioned in another story I'm going to post. Thanks for reading this novella. But most importantly, thanks for reading these useless notes. You can have another cookie.
was a beautiful creamy blue with rolling clouds drifting above them at a leisurely pace. Nothing had to move quickly. There was no rush. No danger. Just beauty.
Everything was as he promised. There world was identical, but without the deadly wonders hers possessed. But she still remembered them. Yet that’s all they were, a memory.
“Violeta!” the blonde woman called from the living room. She heard the school bus stopping in front of the house and she hurried to wipe some of the icing off her fingers before she ran to the door.
Her husband joined by her side as they opened the front door to see two children running down the driveway. One was her daughter and the other the neighbor’s son.
“Mommy!” her daughter cried and jumped into her arms. “Everyone loved your book!”
“That’s great honey,” she said bringing her daughter in for a close hug.
“Everyone loved the part where The Captain saved the little girl,” her daughter grabbed the hand of the little boy and led him inside. Her large dark brown eyes lit up when she saw how her living room was decorated. “Is this for me?” she held her hands up to her chest whilst dancing around in the dramatic way she always did.
“We all did this just for you sweetheart,” her father patted her long black hair. Even though he wasn’t related by blood he loved her just as much as Violeta.
“Can I open a present now?” she asked looking at the pile of gifts on the table.
“You can if you remember what to say,” Violeta lectured in a motherly way, “Remember to say…”
“Thank you Dad,” she hugged him first, “Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Jenson.” She hugged them both next. Finally she ran up to her mother and hugged her again. “Thank you mom.” She then stood back expectantly.
“Well, I was going to give this to you when you were older but I think you are ready now,” she pulled the necklace off from around her neck and held it up to her daughter.
With wide eyes, her daughter stared at the necklace. The necklace she’d been warned not to touch. The necklace her mother always wore. The necklace that had been present since as far back as she could remember. And now it was going to be hers.
“You will take good care of it?” Violeta asked.
Her daughter nodded as the necklace was placed around her small neck. With gentle fingers, she petted the heart locket welded to the odd circle. To her it was like magic, only to be touched with the gentlest of fingers.
“Thank you,” she gripped her mother for the third time. But this time the hug meant so much more. Violeta had always known the necklace wasn’t meant for her. She was just holding onto it until the proper time.
She petted the girl’s long black hair, “Happy birthday Alison.”
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 4 5 6

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