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Nico's Mistake

May 2, 2018
By Nico21 BRONZE, Palm Bay, Florida
Nico21 BRONZE, Palm Bay, Florida
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When kids are growing up you expect there to be a few ups and downs, I mean they’re kids they always have to learn the hard way. But man did I over do that statement… Here’s a few of them, one time my sister and I were playing air hockey on our brand new hockey/pool table my dad got us on this christmas morning. It was sweet, you could play hockey than undo the hinges, flip it and play pool. Well during our game the puck got stuck in the goal between the plastic cover, so i put my fingers in the groove thinking I could reach it. Meanwhile my sister without telling me, decided to undo the hinges and try to flip it maybe it would fall out. But she forgot my fingers were inside and owww!ooww! I was yelling as my fingers were being grinded up. She undid it and man did I cry, I was bleeding all over the place. I went straight to the hospital and the doctor put a needle straight down into the middle of my deep cut. It was my first real pain. I had to man up somehow haha. Another one of my famous disasters was when I was big into skating and riding trick bikes. For christmas I got a new ramp, I was out there day and night loving the hell out of this thing. Until one time I was getting bored doing the same thing over and over again, at the same safe speed. I waited until my dad had gone into the house for a second and that was my que. I went to the end of the street so I had a long runway, I took off pedaling faster and faster with every stroke.

I envisioned myself getting so much air. When I got to the ramp and lift off, skyhigh I went. Even higher than I wanted and now I was in trouble, I had let go of one handle bar making my wheel turn sideways  and i came down so so hard. My face skid on the ground for 5 feet straight, that was the end of that hobby.

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it's my life story

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