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Expecting the Unexpected

April 26, 2018
By almusso BRONZE, Kenner, Louisiana
almusso BRONZE, Kenner, Louisiana
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It is 8:00 A.M. on December 25, 2016. I wake up with tired eyes and feel the comforting warmth of my blanket. I could easily fall back asleep right now, but then I suddenly realize what today is: IT’S CHRISTMAS! A rush of excitement comes over me like when a kid eyes up some candy, but then I remember that I will not receive the only thing I asked for… a car. Four short days before, I turned sixteen and expected to receive a car from my parents. All of my friends had gotten cars as gifts for their birthdays, so I assumed I would receive one as well. Instead, I was given a couple of twenty dollar bills and a blue necklace that broke the next day. Since my birthday is so close to Christmas, I do not normally expect the most extravagant presents for my birthday. So, on Christmas morning, my face is not the usual smiling from ear to ear face. It is more like my Monday morning face. I hear the sound of jolly Christmas music playing, but still, my face is mute. As I sluggishly walk down the stairs with my sister and brother, I notice my mother is following her 17-year-old routine: videoing us and our reactions on her iPad. Our presents from “Santa” are patiently waiting to be opened in front of the fireplace. My siblings eagerly wait for me to walk down because my parents do not allow us to start opening our presents until we are all together. I slowly walk to my place to the left of the fireplace and observe the ginormous, colorful, paper bag my presents are inside of. I begin to unravel what's inside of my bag. I open a couple of small, insignificant presents until I get to the last present. One of the last presents I grab is a Ray-Bans sunglasses case. Excitement and anxiety fill my body as soon as I see this. The blue aviator sunglasses were on my wish list and I was finally getting them! When I open the case, I notice there are no Ray-Bans inside and my face goes blank. Then I realize that what is inside is actually a car key to a Kia. It takes me a second to realize what was happening right now. When I finally get what is going on I look at my parents, point to the direction of outside, and see my parents nod their heads with excitement. This is it, I actually got a car. As soon as I get the signal that the car is actually outside, I leap into the air and sprint to the door. As I open the door, I quickly spot a silver car with a red bow on top like in the movies. I felt like a person who won the lottery, only I won a car in this case. My parents literally thought I was having a heart attack because I could not breathe due to excitement and surprise. I run to the car, unlock it, and open the door. The aroma of “new car” smell fills my body. All I want to do at this moment is put the keys in the ignition and drive forever and ever down a winding road. I realize that not everything goes as planned all the time. Sometimes obstacles and setbacks get in the way of happiness, but in the end everything works out on its own.

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