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March 23, 2018
By Eriiiiii SILVER, Wilmington , Delaware
Eriiiiii SILVER, Wilmington , Delaware
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Everyone gets frustrated at something right ? You might be a person with little patience and get frustrated. Who knows ? Only you know. Others may get easily mad, bad temper, or stressed. Everyone has their own problem but anyways did you know what really frustrates me ? Let me tell you…


I work at a fast-food place and most of the time it’s busy you must be always nice, fast, right, and comprehensive with the customers. Like in our crew room states, “ Our customers are our priority!” I understand and fully agree with how we should work and do things. I think for the most part at work our team does a good job with trying understand the customers needs. There’s one thing that bothers me… the way customers sometimes respond. Customers sometimes feel like they have the right to treat us wrong.

Sometimes customers lie about customer service or the food. Customers lie about the food we give them. Sometimes they ask us to do things that we can’t are aren’t allowed to do. Just because there are things that we can’t do they get mad and insult us. At that moment is when I dislike my job. All I say is “ I’m sorry I’m not allowed to do that the boss or manager won’t allow me.”  Yet they still get mad and insult us. I always just try to do my job right and the customers make me lose my patience with them. 

I tell them I just work here. I can’t do what you would like me to do. Sometimes customers say that they’re missing food or that it wasn’t the way they wanted the food. I think they just say that to get more food or just to argue. Most of the time we do our job right and give them all their food that they ordered. One time a family came in at dinner time and there was nobody there at register to help them and the guy started yelling. The guy said  “what there's nobody here? Is it closed? I’ve been waiting for five minutes?” When all that isn’t true my manager said guys give me a second I’ll be right there with you. Also I saw the guy and his family walk-in and they were there for just a minute so he lied. I couldn’t believe it. I was shook at his lies, he seemed a very aggressive guy.

People that lie frustrate me a lot. I don’t understand why they lie. Why can’t they just sat the truth? The people don’t realize that we are just trying to do our job. They give me and my crew a hard time. There’s all kinds of people now don’t get me wrong many people have an attitude but other customers can be very nice and friendly. It might all just depend on how they feel that day… I guess. Everyday I walk into work I look forward for a good day with friendly customers.

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