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Romance for a Lonely Girl

February 27, 2018
By BowlingQueen BRONZE, Council Bluffs, Iowa
BowlingQueen BRONZE, Council Bluffs, Iowa
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A girl by the name Madison was living in a lonely world, she lived in a small town in Iowa. She grew up in Iowa, and she loved it there. But, she always wanted to go out into the world and see want it was like. In Iowa there is lots of grass and trees, she loved playing in the mud. You could say that Madison was a tomboy. She very tall, she was as tall as the basketball and football players. She is in highschool and she hates it, there are so many cute guys she meets but they all don’t like her because of her size. So they never get to know about the true Madison and get to know her better.

Then one day she went to band which was her first hour, but the day before she was gone. After she band she went to science and there was a new kid, he was there yesterday but Madison didn’t know. Madison thought he was really cute so she tried to talk to him, which didn’t go so well. But he thought it was cute and they started talking and getting to know more about each other. The first thing she learned was his name which is Ethan. She loved that name, they both got to know each other.

They start talking and get to know each other in a week. Madison really liked Ethan, but Madison thought that Ethan would never go out with her because of her size. But what she doesn’t know is the fact that Ethan really likes Madison too. Later than night Ethan found out that Madison liked him, so he stayed up all night trying to figure out a way to ask her out. He heard she was in bowling so he made a poster and got her some candy and the next day before school asked her out. The poster said “you may like strikes and spares, but I like you… Would you go out with me?” She says yes and almost started crying.

So Madison and Ethan started dating and it was going really good, they had a couple arguments once or twice but nothing to big. Then her mom did a daily check on her phone and found out she was dating Ethan. Her mom told her dad and they were not happy about them dating. They told Madison that she needed to break up with Ethan, but Madison couldn’t. She liked Ethan almosted loved him, she explained to her parents about Ethan. They understood and they calm down, they let Madison keep dating Ethan. When Ethan found out he was kinda upset but very happy that her parents are okay with them dating.

Then one day Ethan and Madison got into a nasty argument. They never have had a argument like this. Madison started hearing rumors that Ethan was going to dump her. She also heard that Ethan was saying Madison is a horrible girlfriend, he didn’t know why he dated her. Someone said that a girl tried to date Ethan while he was with Madison and he said yes. Madison went home crying she didn’t know weather to believe it or not. She was so upset and she didn’t know what to do.

Later that night Ethan went to go get Madison for their movie date, but Madison was still crying from what she heard. She got on some clothes, trying to look nice so Ethan didn’t dump her. But when she got to the car Ethan knew that she had been crying and asked her whats wrong. So she explained everything to him about what she heard. Ethan was really upset that Madison believed them. They got into a huge argument about how Madison doesn’t trust him when she does trust him. Madison ran out of the car and back to her bed in tears.
Madison was in tears, Ethan was mad. They both loved each other but let this mediocre rumor get in between them. They both calmed down and Ethan knew that he couldn’t let Madison go. Madison thought that the next day when they saw each other that is was over, he was going to break her heart. But Madison was surprised when he came up to her and kissed her. He understood what she was saying the other night. He gave Madison another chance but they both knew that they weren’t going to let each other go. Madison was so grateful and she knew that she wasn’t going to mess it up again.

So they were together throughout high school and stayed together even when they were in college. Madison never messed up again and stay faithful to Ethan. Ethan knew he was in love with Madison, he had to make sure they were together for the rest of their lives. So later that week, he took Madison to her favorite restaurant with her best friend Kate and her husband Dustin and asked Madison to marry him. He wanted to make sure she was with people she loved. She said yes in a heartbeat, she couldn’t believe that he was asking her to marry him. She almost burst into tears but didn’t. Madison loved Ethan and Ethan loved Madison and they were together until they grew old and died.

The author's comments:

I wrote this piece about my boyfriend. He means a lot to me and I wanted people to get that your life maybe going nowhere but there will always be someone there for you. 

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