The Weekend

February 12, 2018
By Syler BRONZE, Cascade, Iowa
Syler BRONZE, Cascade, Iowa
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It was a normal day my mom went to work on a Saturday. Well my friend ben came to get me at 12 he came to get me because we were going to are friend’s house in Mount Horeb. When he got to my house he came in to get me so when we left I shut all lights off and went out into the cold winter air. I got goosebumps right when I step out the door but we got in the car and left. We got onto the highway and ten minutes go bye and we pull into Mount Horeb, we are driving through town and we get to their house. We walk in and they were in the kitchen eating something but we were not paying attention but after they got done eating we were thinking of things to do. After thinking we decided to go bowling in Fitchburg, we got in two cars and drove into Madison. We called the bowling alley and they said there is no lanes open till five because there is a birthday party going on so we had to think on something else to do. We decided to go to the mall and hang out for a little bit. We got to West Town Mall and started to go around and we all were just messing around well about an hour and a half goes bye and we decide to go get something to eat. We started to drive around looking or places to eat so we went to Pancheros I wasn’t hungry but Ben, Jordan and Sam got something to eat Ben and Jordan got fries and Sam got ice cream. It was like 4:00 so we were just like “screw it” so we just went to wait at the bowling alley we sat around for like forty five minutes and they assigned us to the first lane. We played three games, those three games were two hours and thirty minutes, and after we left we went up the road to the Taco Bell. We got are food to go Ben took his girl home, Sam and I went to her house. When we got to her house we ate Taco Bell and went to watch a movie well we fell sleep watching the movie. In the morning Sam and I went to my sisters at ten thirty, and we hung out with her for like forty five minutes. Then we drove to my house and she dropped me off and I went into my house and hung out with my mom for the day.  Then my friends came to get me and we went back home.

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I hop you guys enjoy this short stort of mine 

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