A Day in Bryce's Life

February 13, 2018
By Anonymous

6:15 A.M. I wake up. First thing on my to do list is shower. I start my shower, the hot water wanting to pull me back to sleep. I get out and look at the time, 6:29 A.M. I go back to my room, half dressed, and lay back in bed. I play on my phone for a few minutes, waiting for breakfast to be made. I gobble down microwaved french toast sticks soaked maple syrup. I go back to my room to get the other half of my outfit on for the day. Next, hair and teeth. I brush my hair in a record time of three seconds. I brush my teeth with the mint toothpaste I hate. Now, lunch box. I throw in some fruit snacks and a granola bar, finished off with a small Dr. Pepper. I grab my bag, phone, and wallet, and head out the door.

School: the place of education that no one really seems to enjoy. I have about five minutes to grab my trumpet and get to my chair for first period, band. We go through boring warm ups, breathing, buzzing, and a stupid concert F note that never gets into tune. Now for scales. No one in band likes scales. All they do is teach us different keys, just to get new music and have to go over the keys again because the tuba in the back plays an A flat instead of A natural. Rookie mistake. We want to get shocked from the note since the player has played for four years. But then again, she never cares about anything so we just act like it didn’t happen while the director screams at her.

8:45, the bell rings to go to class. Everyone sweeps in and out of the hallways to get to their next pointless class. For me, that class happens to be chemistry. I get to class and walk to my seat. The teacher sits in his chair, still as a rock, waiting for the tardy bell to ring. He starts talking, no one cares. He tells everyone to turn to page 164 and write down the key terms. One text after another, the website with the key terms gets sent around so no one has to find the words themselves. After the key terms are written down, we play on our phones till the bell rings.

At 9:34, the bell rings to go to 3rd period. The teacher thinks she is doing a god job at teaching us spanish, but I wonder why. Everyone in my class has taken one and a half years of spanish, yet no one knows a single sentence. After completing the worksheet, which we only complete because the one mexican in our class tells us the answers, we play games. We just burn time until the next class. It’s easy stuff really.

Now, 4th period. We sit down with our books, and wait for the teacher to start the audio. The book we are reading is called Speak. It’s about this girl who was raped at a party and called the cops, busting the party. At school, no one will talk to her. No one wants to talk with the one girl who bust the best party of the summer. For the last 15 minutes of class, we work on reading guides. The reading guides show our teacher how much information we learned from the book. At 11:08 her alarm rings tp pack up.

5th period is easy. It’s technically a study period, but all I really do is go to the band hall and play tennis, or practice on my music. 5th period is shorter than the other class periods, giving us a time to go and have lunch. Lunch is by far the best time of the day. I go and sit at my table and along comes all the people I sit with. My table consist of me, Ericka, Kie, Jenny, Ricky, Chloe, and sometimes Quintin when he wants to. I open my lunch box and gobble down a PB and J sandwich, a pack of gushers, a bag of chips, and finish it off with a bottle of grape juice. Best meal ever.

6th period is my financial literacy class. We learn about how to pay bills and manage money. Out of all my classes, this class teaches me something that I will actually use in life. We are doing two main projects right now. My favorite is the Stock Market Project. We get start with 100,000 dollars and can buy and sell stocks for the semester. At the end of the semester, the winner will receive a prize. The other project is the budget challenge. In this project we all have a fixed salary and get paid every two weeks. The goal of the project is to have the most money left over, while still living comfortably.

Next period, shop class. I love shop class. Since I want to become a welder when I graduate, this class will teach me a lot about all of it. In the first semester we did mostly wood work. Now we get to weld and use the plasma cutter. I spend most of the period welding a bunch of scrap metal together to make a tower as tall as I can get it. After I can’t get the tower any taller, I cut it down into small pieces with the plasma cutter, and then rebuild a new tower.

My next class is algebra. The math isn’t hard for me, but it’s just so boring that I can barely stay awake. The teacher makes us work every single day no matter what. First the star book, then the purple book, the handout, and then leave class. The teacher will about have a heart attack if you say you don’t like math. She loves it so much that she gives kids an extra 3 points on a paper if you write “I love math” on your paper. She’s insane, I swear.

The last period of the day, my college class. The class is pretty easy being a college class. Everything you do is on a computer, so it’s not complicated at all. On Tuesday, we will get new assignments. We are usually given a discussion, one or two assignments, and a chapter quiz. We are given from that Tuesday, till Monday night at 11: 59 to turn all of it in. I usually have all of it done by Thursday, so I get to play games and listen to music for the end of the week.

At 3:30, the bell rings for school to let out. On Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday, I ride the bus home. On Monday, and Wednesday i have golf practice. Today, being a Monday, I have to go to practice. I get there and chip for about 20 minutes, then putt for about 10. After that, coach pts us into groups and we then play 9 holes. I am one of the best on the team, so coach trust me to practice well, while he goes and helps the kids that are not as good. Golf is over at about 4:45 and my mom picks me up, and takes me to McDonalds.

We go there so often that my mom doesn’t even have to ask me what I want to eat. It’s always the same, a big mac meal with no onions, a medium fry, and a Dr.pepper. On the way home I tell my mom about my day, and about how I did at golf practice. I usually tell her the same old things on how I drove, putt, and hit my irons well, but my chipping still needed work.

I get home and do whatever homework I had for the day, and then get o the computer. Since I am close to getting my driver’s license, I look at trucks and cars for sale on sites like Craigslist, and Autotrader. My goal is to get a reliable truck for under $8,000. I’ve seen some good trucks for sale, but I have a little bit of time till I start driving, so I pass on most of my options.

Aden and I have this game that we play online a lot called Unturned. The game isn’t that complicated. You get kits that give you guns and you use the guns to kill other people and win the match. My favorite kit is the Sabertooth. The Sabertooth is a long range, semi automatic rifle that delivers high damage to shots in the chest and up.

By the time we are done playing, it’s about 10:00 at night. I unpack my lunchbox for the next day, and get ready for bed. I get in bed and turn my TV on for “background noise”, while I play on my phone. By about 11:00, I am at the stage of tired, where I can’t keep my phone up without having it fall and hit my face. I set the timer on my TV, send my streaks on SnapChat, take my glasses off, and go to sleep, just to do all of it again in 7 hours.

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