Meadowview, My Home

January 16, 2018
By r.drippy BRONZE, Sacramento, California
r.drippy BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Meadowview is a great place where everyone gets along no one argues or fights. There is never police in this neighborhood and never unwanted items. In this neighborhood there is no drugs nor violence. When i step outside all i smell is the wind blowing with a hint of burning wood, birds chirping and everything so peaceful. You here no arguing or anything just the wind blowing peacefully. This is a calm and wonderful place to live in with friends and family near.

I lied a little bit but it's true Meadowview is a good place to live in. But it's true you may hear sirens and helicopters but you know its a place you can also trust. Having friends and family could also help you get along with people in the neighborhood. Some people are fake you shouldn't trust them because you might get caught up with some things you didn't even do. Meeting people in Meadowview can also leave you in some very bad trouble like i had said. Meadowview has many different variety of races. You are basically friends with all races and get along with them and that's a good thing to have.

This is something i want to get of my chest.  Meadowview has 2 personalities in my opinion, you can be all great then next thing you know it's bad.  One bad thing that regularly  happens is that the cops always come by you can hear their sirens ringing through the whole neighborhood. There is helicopters around my neighborhood circling around. Sometimes you may hear gunshots, people screaming and etc… In my hood you may or may not be used to the smell of weed but im used to it i don't mind it.

Take my advice come to Meadowview it's a good place it's not that bad. I promise you that you may or may not have fun. But you'll have an experience you might enjoy take a risk and check it out.

The author's comments:

Well i tried my best on this essay and to be honest i didnt think i had it in me to accomplish this because i was getting really frusturated and i couldnt think right at the moment but i did it and im happy that i did.

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