The Concert

November 2, 2017
By miyahhh23 BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
miyahhh23 BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
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On Tuesday in the morning I was in school just about to put my bookbag in my locker and my friend came up to me standing along the locker's and said, "Did you hear about who coming to Williamsport this weekend?

"With excitement I said no who she said "pnb rock".

my jaw dropped and my mouth opened with disbelief,

" no way, say you're joking I said.

She said, "I swear he having a concert at the Ground Floor on Friday which is right across the street from the school." So, after school I went home and told my mom about it and she said that she would think about it. If not, So I was praying and hoping so bad and hard that I could go because this could be a once and a life time chance I could see one of my favorite singer in the world.

The next day everyone was talking about the concert around the whole school. My friend and I was walking in the hall to our lockers and was talking about the concert as well. she said, did you ask your mom if you can go.

I said, "yeah but she said she'll think about If I could go or not. "I asked her if she could go she said yeah but I think I can get my ticket at the front door.

"I said well is there anywhere else you can buy them?

"She had no clue so then I ask Karmin if she knew where I could buy the tickets because she knows everything.

She said, yeah you can get your tickets from Prime there only $25 dollars per ticket.

I didn't know what prime was so I just said ok. Later that day school was over, I got on the bus and sat next to my brother. After school he got on the bus before me because he is high schooler and they get picked up first.

When I got in my seat I said to him, "mom might let us go to the Pnb Rock concert but where do you get the tickets from?

he said, you get them from Prime or John because he selling them and he have 70 tickets.

When we got home my mom was already home from work and was in the living room on her phone. we walked in the door and put our stuff away then did our homework.

After homework my brother and I asked my mom if she had made up her mind about letting us go to the concert.

She said we can go to the concert and where could we get the tickets from my brother said his friend sale them at his house so we got in the car and went to his house and it was $25 dollars each so we gave him $50 dollar for two tickets.

When I got home I was so excited and happy I thanked my mom for buying it she said your welcome. I ran upstairs to my room got on my phone pressed snapchat and took a picture of my ticket.

It was two days later which was Friday the day of the concert and I was super happy after school. I went home and picked out this cute outfit and got dress and was ready to go. When I got there, it was a long line just to get to the door. There was two lines one girl the other boy I saw all my friends there and I got in line with them. we were talking then I saw my cousin in the front of the line so I went to the front because I thought I could be first in line and I was and the rest of the night was fun and we had blast at the concert.

The author's comments:

this story is about how i had one of the most amzing times ever at a concert. thanks and hope you like.

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