The Day I Broke My Leg

October 23, 2017
By Anonymous

I can remember it as it happened yesterday, the day I broke my leg. It all started when I was eating breakfast getting ready for my soccer practice. BRRR COLD COLD I thought as we drove down to the clear grassy field. My mom whispered,” We will be on the bleachers okay?” I was dribbling the ball as my partner came up to me and asked me “I bet you can’t stand on your ball with both your feet.” The anger boiled in my lungs and I burst out “Yes I can!” I exclaimed,“Then do it.” He retorted “Sure! But you have to do it too” I replied. He stood on the ball and for a split second he stayed “Now your turn.” He said. It’s a piece of cake if he can do it then I can I thought. I stood on the mud-caked, shaky ball which was wobbling under my weight, I lifted my foot. It happened in a millisecond, the ball slipped off my foot, I could feel the mud spraying up on my shirt as the pain shot through my twisted leg, it gave a deafening snap “Ugggggggg Oww!” I thought as my parents rushed to me from the bleachers. I fell on the soft squishy dirt. It felt like the time when… “Go down you slow coach!” shouted Mike “Okay Okay!” said the eight-year-old me. I slowly went down the slide. “You so slow hurry up!” shouted Mike as he came behind me and pushed me. Pain shot through my ankle as I tumbled down the slide. “Uggg!” I moaned as Mike came over and whispered,“Sorry, I didn’t mean to push you.” Then blackness came.

When I woke up I was seconds away from reaching the nearest hospital, my mom asked ”Why did you stand on the soccer ball? That was a very immature thing to do.” “I don't know,” I mumbled. We were on the way to the children's hospital not far away from the grassy soccer field. As soon as we got there I got an x-ray because of that they have found out that my foot was twisted not broken. “Phew!” I sighed in relief as my leg got bandaged up. A tingling sensation ran up my leg it felt like a million spiders crawling up my leg, I slowly reached my sore arm down to the cast. “It’s so itchy!” I cried as I tried to pull it off. “No please don’t do that or else your leg won’t heal.” said the doctor. I ignored the doctor and started to peel off the bandages, in a flash, my mom came over to me, took my arms and held them and looked straight into my eyes and said,“Just wait, soon it will heal  okay?”

The next two days I was at home taking a break. Every day at dinner I would hear the same question “Tell me why you stood on the soccer ball?” asked my mom and dad. I would always have the same reply “I know it was a dumb thing to do but please forget about it!”  So from now on, I decided that I won't ever play soccer again. Soon I would be going to school again and I will not have to suffer from my injuries.

The author's comments:

This happened in third grade.

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