Illegal Immigrants

October 17, 2017
By Anonymous

Mexico was there home of several advanced native American civilizations before the arrival of the Spanish in 1519. Now 1.2 illegal immigrants are in the United States to find jobs and having a better life. I think it’s fair to let illegal immigrants have freedom

Well until the DACA ended for the illegal immigrants. The DACA was a permit that allowed people to work and stay in the USA. My mother had to permit to work but now since the Daca ended my mother only has two years to stay in Houston and once the year’s end she goes back to Mexico. My parents both came to America to raise me and my siblings knowing we are going to good right here. The DACA was important to my mother because she knew that would have helped her stay here. Mostly all of my family is all illegal immigrants who came to the USA just like other illegal immigrants.

Deportation is another reason why we should fight for our freedom. Today illegal immigrants are getting deported because they need papers that allow them to stay here in the USA. But now getting deported is dangerous knowing they might get killed. Children and family find ways to cross the border without seeing them. Usually men come and bring big trucks with people in it to cross to go to America without being seeing and getting sent back. They also check if illegal immigrants bring drugs or weapons to the United States and be see if they can be allow to go to the USA.

I asked many people, even some of my family members the same question: "Why did you come the United States?" All of their answers were because they came for a better life and how it was good to raise their children here without any harm in Mexico. People came to get jobs and meet people here. One reason you stay in the US if you marry a human that was born in the USA. But instead my parents married each other.

Today I stand up for my family and for any illegal immigrants that came to the USA. I stand because I know it should be right to let any immigrate stay in the United States for a better career and for a better future. I say we should all stand for everyone. people shouldn’t  judge people by their color. Everyone should be happy for who they want to marry.

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