The Game

September 26, 2017
By Chanito BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
Chanito BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
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My face was red, the sun struck me with a piercing fury. I thought to myself “why am I doing this?” “I can’t do this!” I could see the gentle giants staring down on me, my face was burning with embarrassment. I just knew they were talking about me I could sense it. Fear came upon me like a pack of wolves hunting prey I was sweaty yet the game had not started. Although I did not want to play, I was forced to partake in the game of baseball.
It was a normal Sunday morning the sun was glistening and the birds were shining. As a result of sleeping many hours I felt ready and energetic. My mother strolled into the room which at the time was filled with darkness. She turned on the light and told me to get dressed she then went on to say

“You are going to play baseball with the adults today.” My heart sank I had only played with people my age I asked myself “am I really going to do this?” Although I loved playing baseball, fear sometimes got to me. Then I began to think studies show that fearful thoughts are designed to keep you safe and limited. So I thought to myself “I will be safe if I just don’t do it.” But then I realized I wasn’t only scared of the people but also I was scared of failure. Fear of failure also leads to unconscious self-sabotaging. I felt as that’s what I really wanted to do but I just could not make up my mind.

We drove to the field I could not gather my thoughts, I was so scared. Eventually we warmed up and the coach called me in he told me I was going in. I could feel the scorching sun on my face. Despite that the first play of the game I messed up in a very bad way. Now all I wanted was to be taken out of the game. Innings passed until we got to the bottom of the ninth we were tied up two outs with a runner on third. The game felt as if it was going on for an entire lifetime. I was up to bat it was all up to me. It was dark now the moon was glistening, the pitcher threw the ball and I hit it towards first I ran and made it. “We won!” I ran towards the team cheering. As I ran I began to think about how age didn’t matter and those studies that said success is more correlated to productivity than age were right.

Although many people don’t play baseball or get winning hits. That day not only did I win a game but I learned a life lesson. Fear is just a state of mind it can be overcome. Confidence also helps with eliminating fear and succeeding in all of the activities and obstacles that may occur.

The author's comments:

I hope people will really learn a life lesson from my experiences although some may not have gone through what i have gone through they can still learn and enjoy. 

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