June 13, 2017
By Maddie1234 BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
Maddie1234 BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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When I am not around anymore, I want to be remembered for my hard work ethic. I truly believe that with hard work, you will achieve much more than without it. I have learned this through sports and school. This year, My volleyball team went through the whole season being undefeated. This is the first time a volleyball team from our town  has ever gone undefeated, it is a huge accomplishment. We ended up winning 116 games and losing none. Although everyone on the team naturally gets along great, we still had to constantly work on being a team. Being a team is sometimes harder than you would think, we dedicated three months of our lives to the team, making sure we were there at every practice, game, and team dinner. We survived long weeks of conditioning in the hot sun and saw each other at our highest and lowest points. Once we started winning game after game, we realized that we actually had a chance of going undefeated. Every time we even brought it up to coach, she looked at us with serious eyes and told us there was no way that could happen. She reminded us that any team can lose on any given day. From then on, knowing we had some tough competition up ahead, we gave it our all. We played every point like it was the determining point in a set, and we played every game like it was the last game we would ever play. We had to leave our legacy behind, our undefeated legacy that would follow us forever. Sometimes, what defines your success is not how good you are to begin with, but how hard you work for it. This was constantly in the back of our minds, with every extra workout day we had to cram into our schedule. By the end, the only people pressuring us to win was ourselves. We all knew that without strong work ethic we would not be able to reach our goal. I will always remember winning the last point of our last game, I felt as if we had just won the lottery. We won the last point with a kill, keeping the play hard for the competition. As soon as that ball hit the floor the whole team jumped up in great excitement, my long brown ponytail flying up with me.  We all rushed to the middle of the court and hugged each other for what felt like hours. We always huddle together after the game but this time, we held eachother just a little longer, knowing it was going to be the last time we would celebrate this victory together. Although we are all painted out to be strong, unbreakable girls, many of us shed a tear in that huddle. From that moment on, we knew that we had left our legacy in Clarkston. All of our hard work has payed off for this moment. We all conquered our own battles this season, and we still managed to come out on top. Nothing compares to the moment when you realize you have achieved your goal, when you realize your legacy will live on.

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