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May 26, 2017
By Langdon2202 BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Langdon2202 BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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Have you ever done something you wished you could take back? Like tripping on something you left out? Or tripping on your shoelace cause you didn't tie them up? Well, you are not alone. 


When I was five or six my siblings, Madison, Emma, and Cameron and I were helping my dad in the barn. We were cleaning the glass covers that went over the the lights to protect them. Over the past year they had gotten very dirty and need cleaning.  It was a simple job. My brother, Cameron and I got the glass covers and brought them to our sisters to clean in a five gallon bucket filled with water and soap. Then we brought them back to our dad to put them on the lights. We were experts because we have done this countless times before.

This time I was wearing my favorite boots that were tie ups. Tie ups are farm boots that you tie like a tennis shoe but then continue to tie up your ankle. My dad and sisters told me to tie up my shoelaces. But being a little kid I didn't listen. I was bringing the glass cover to my dad and suddenly tripped on my shoe lace or tripped on the slats and I cut my wrist open. There was a lot of blood and it looked really bad. Right away we all got in the truck and drove to the hospital. My mom was a nurse at the hospital and she was surprised to see us. It was not what she was expecting.

In the Emergency room,  Dr.Turna and his nurse, Becky, came in and cleaned  out the glass that was in my wrist. They did a good job getting the glass out and said that I was lucky that it hadn't gone deeper or any wider because if it would I would have cut a lot of veins.I was fortunate that the glass didn’t cut any of my veins. Then Dr. Turna and Becky sewed me up. I was out of there! I went home running around and playing. My mom yelled at me, “Sit down! We don’t want to go back and get more stitches.” Then later that day my family went down to John Burch for an event for the hospital. There was slides and moon bounces and I went on all of them secretly because my mom told me I couldn't go on them because of my wrist.

Later that evening they had hay bales that need cleaning up   I went over and helped Becky load up the bales in her truck. She told me that she didn't need my help because of my wrist but I helped anyways and didn't recut open my wrist thankfully. After that day we never cleaned the glass covers again and I always tried to remember to tie up my shoe laces.

If there was one or more things I learned here it was to listen to your parents or adults because most of the time they know what they are talking about. Well,  because I didn't listen to my dad I tripped and cut open my wrist and now I have a scar on my wrist for the rest of my life where I can make up cool stories to talk about. 

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